Bloodoline – Storm & Brilliance (Blackened)

The band was officialy formed in 2001. But this album consists of material recorded before their formation. Only two band members: Ghoul Luyer (strings, vocals and synth) and Entity (drums). Musically speaking, the album is quite complex: many instrumental patterns, dashes of pagan and grind. Best way to describe it: full of misanthropy and hate. It’s not cold or grim, lacks that “something” that makes about every Norsk band unique but it’s more that you could expect from a Spanish black metal band. The vocals of Ghoul Luyer are quite unique, bizzare even and takes a while to get used to them. I haven’t seen the artwork of the booklet (I have received only a CDr with front and back covers). As my final impression, I have to say that I think they need a bit more experience and I hope that their next album will be a blast. Don’t forget to visit their webpage:
Our note: 3 out of 5.