Charles Brown – Thru The Flames (Fossil Records)

This time I’ve had the pleasure to review the latest CD of Charles Brown, Thru the Flames. After 25 years of performing, teaching and composing, Charles didn’t get “tired”. He only reached the musical maturity. Thru the Flames has 12 tracks, 40.34″ of atmospheric textures, progressive influences and acoustic textures. The CD begins with a short Classical guitar intro and some Jetro Tull acoustic and flute melodies in “Rising of The New Moon” (you’ve had the chance to see them in Bucharest last month) and ends with a Pat Metheny inspired textures of “The Sunlight Never Dies”. I think that Charles when was composing this new album was influenced by artists like: Pat Metheny, Ritchie Blackmore, Judas, Billy Sheenan and Blackmore’s Night.

Our note: 5 out of 5