Dirty Shirt – Revolution & Different

Dirty Shirt was formed back in 1996, on the skeleton of another band “Eclipse” and after several demos, they hit us again the Romanian music scene with this album. Now they have a new sound, Industrial metal, somewhere between Rammstein, Oomph and Kovenant. The two albums are placed on the same CD, with 11 songs. We find influences starting with electro and ending with metal elements. It’s enough to say that they do a cover after a very well known Romanian song: “Who loves and let it go” and that song never sounded better. And they also made a song after a poem wrote by Mihai Eminescu. Dirty Shirt are: Dan Rini Craciun (vocal), Mihai Tivadar (keyboard), Dani Prikop (guitar), Cristi Balanean (guitar), Pal Novelli (bass), Vlad Toca (drums).

Contact: www.dirtyshirt.home.ro, dirtyshirt@home.ro I really hope that you guys will have the chance to listen to their album. New masters entered the Romanian rock area. So, be afraid. Be very afraid. This is a collectible item.

Our note: 5 out of 5.