Dol Ammad – Star Tales (2004. Greece. Black Lotus Records)

I hope you can recall (or you can read the review on this page) the previous review of their 2002 Demo, Electronica – Art – Metal. Well, DolAmmad has done a good job again. Electronic music, with metal layers and choir can help to describe their music, but it’s not enough to “catch” the entire universe created by Thanasis Lightbridge. What can I say? Just PLEASURE. On this album of 12 tracks, we can find 6 new songs and other 6 songs from their demo lasting 62 minutes. The drums for this album were handled by Alex Holzwarth from Rhapsody. The sound production is incredible and the artwork is composed of fractal works of Brian Exton. What else can I say? Try them and send me your reviews or opinions. They’ll be put under this review so that everyone can see them.

Our note: 6 out of 5. Just incredible.