Ethodius — Ethodius LP from 1997 (Black River Recordings)

Ethodius – is the name of two Scottish kings, who lived and ruled in the II-III centuries AD. and also the name of the of their debut full-length album. The music can be described like a combination of dark-ambient, ambient (some cool computer generated effects) with very few vocals and a lot of soundtrack and some movies conversations. It can remind you of Mortiis, Ordo Equitum Solis, some early Delirium. Ideology behind the music: “Ethodius was chosen as it helps to represent a time when civilization was heavily influenced by ancient wisdom. With the onset of more religions came different beliefs which then complicated peoples idea of what is right and wrong.” (Ethodius) I thinks this is the best way of describing their music. Ethodius is known also as Antharia or Matt.

Our note: 5 points out of 5