Gorath – “Elite” (2005. Belgium. Black Owl Records)

After two great bands (Martyr, Emancer), Black Owl Records (USA), releases yet another one: Gorath. As you probably know, this is the first full-lenght album of the band, even though they were very active in the underground with their famous demos, like Hunting the December Chords” (demoCD) and split CDs. The music is a well structured Black Metal, cold to the bone, mixed with some very well realized solos. The vocals are also very good realized, a mixture of some kind of death rumbling and top screeching a la Danny (C.O.F). I guess that the band is somewhere between Dark Funeral and Einherjer. The CD consists of 9 track and the best songs are: The lizard creature, Supress my grief (both from the named demoCD), The fall of winter and We are elite. And to close this review, I use some of their lyrics to remind you all: “Be yourself without losing control of what others may think of you”. It probably doesn’t fits here at all, but I like it. 🙂

Our note: 5 out of 5.