Hrimthurs – War of the Ages (Australia. 2004. Self-financed)

Hrimthurs cover

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Hrimthurs universe through, after trying the songs there I sent an e-mail for a promo pack. After a short correspondence between us, my wait ended: the CD was dropped in my mail box. About the CD: it’s a professionally made (artwork and layout are great) 2CD album, a self-financed debut. The surprise came at the end: there’s only one man in the ‘band’. If the first CD is pure black metal, the second is very different – it is entirely instrumental with a lot of mood changes…

CD1 presents a pure black metal, turning back the clock to the 90’s. One interesting thing is that even if Hrimthurs used a drum machine, the sound is quite dim. I’ve tried it on several sound systems, but nothing changed. If you expect a fast black metal release, just change your mind. We can compare this CD to the music of Burzum, Darkthrone, Nargaroth, etc.

CD2 is entirely instrumental with abrupt changes from keyboards to raw black metal. The guitar sound is much more raw on this second CD. Only 5 tracks on it, with the longest track of 19.22 minutes and the shortest of 11.52, a total of 77.49 minutes. The slow parts reminded me of another band, Ethodius, who use tracks from different movies for their albums…

Overall, it’s a very good debut album for this Australian one-man band. With more work on the sound and with better support from bigger labels, and with a worldwide promotional campaign, Siggeir Hrimthurs’ album – ‘War of t he Ages’ could be a new smashing ‘hit’. THIS IS A MUST HAVE ITEM. So, don’t hesitate to order it. You won’t be disappointed.

Our note: because this is the best debut album we’ve heard in the past 4 months, we give 6 points out of 5.

Available through mail-order through:

Ewiger Hass Productions – France

Taran Productions – France

Eclipse of Live Promulgation – Germany

Christhunt Productions – Germany

Nightfog Productions – Germany

Northern Silence – Germany

Schwarzdorn Production – Germany

Westwall Productions – Germany

Nykta Records – Greece

Under the Sign of Gazarel – Poland

War Productions – Portugal

Stellar Winter – Russia

Insikt Productions – Sweden

Total Holocaust – Sweden

Supernal Music – UK

God is Myth – USA

If you can not get a hold of WAR OF THE AGES from the above online vendors you can e-mail an inquiry to Siggeir Hrimthurs :