Imp – Ashes In The Hourglass (NuParadigm Music)

Imp was formed in January 1997. The band line-up consisted of Monica Janssen (vocals), Fred Koot (guitars), Matthijs Krijnen (drums) and Ritsaart Vetter (bass). It started off playing music that was a mix of metal and hardcore, blending in some other musical influences such as jazz, funk and symphonic rock. I like this new album but if I was the manager, I would hire a male vocalist. Monica has a good voice, but this a guy oriented domain. The music has a lot of passion in it but for me this band is still blabbering without any vision. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll wait for their new album and hope they will change something in their music. I’ve read also some review of their album and a lot of the guys agree with me, or better said me with them: they should get another vocalist.

Our note: 3 out of 5 points