Martyr – A Malicious Odyssey (Black Owl Records, 2004)

Martyr was established in the year 1997 by Haat (vocals, guitar) and I.N. Enthroned (battery). They wanted to create a form of black metal that was fast and extreme, yet melodic. The main ideology behind the band was to express their misanthropic feelings and to give a reaction on bands that completely broke with the true spirit of black metal… After 7 years of existence and numerous albums and demos, Martyr comes with a new album that can change the world of Black Metal. We find some kind of Fast, Extreme Black Metal mixed with some melodic tunes that transforms everything in a catchy albums just perfect to be listened over and over again.After listening to it I can feel some Satyricon influences. The quality of the album is really high and everything is perfect balanced. It comes in a Digipack, but lacking the lyrics inside. If every band will have this kind of quality and identity, we would be in a perfect world. Now, after listening to a lot of great albums, I’m glad that still exists bands that are blabbering without any vision and cult bands like Martyr. Black Owl Records gave me the chance to listen to another great album released by them, after Emancer. If you want some really good music, check them out. Now, in the end I’ll present Martyr: Haat (vocals, all guitars), Mike (drums), Nomiis (bass).

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Our note: 5 points out of 5