Rhetorica – Ganduri (Thoughts) (2005. Romania)

Rhetorica was formed back in 1997 by members from two bands: Dirty Shirt and Legion. This album is their debut album. Members: Otto Ullmann ( vocal, guitar), Dan Rini Craciun (vocal), Mihai Tivadar (keyboard), Dani Prikop (guitar), Pal Novelli (bass), Vlad Toca (drums). It’s a conceptual album composed of one single song divided in 18 parts. The music can be described as a progressive rock, with many influences: ambiental, psychedelic, indie, even some little folkish passages a la Phoenix. It’s a very depressive album, lyrical, and you must not let it in the hands of girls: they will gonna cry for days or you can’t give it to persons with mental health problems, because they’ll comite suicide for sure. I hope they will become a very big name in the Romanian rock scene. They are darn amazing.

Contact: www.rhetorica.home.ro and rhetorica@home.ro

Our note: 6 out of 5 J.