Seasons of the Wolf

Thanking to Skully Wolf, I’ve had the chance to review their 3 Cd’s. Every CD gets 5 out of 5 points.

Seasons of the Wolf – Seasons of The Wolf (self-released 1996)

Coming from Tampa Bay Area, Florida and playing since 1988, they play a combination of Power  Metal, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock a self titled combination of Progressive, Gothic, New  Age Metal. Nice keyboards giving them some originality that lacks to a lot of these new wannabe’s. Maybe I’ll upset some of you, but let me say: These guys are amazingly good… Don’t ignore them. Just get their albums.

Seasons Of The Wolf – Lost In Hell (Adrenaline Records 1999)

After 3 years, Skully & Co are getting a true comeback. Everything is thinked over and over again to give you every bit of power, heavy riffs and joy. It seems that they have the ability to compose a variety of songs that will keep you excited from the start to the end. Nothing bad can be said about it. It’s just perfect. Maybe if you listen it for a long time, you’ll become Lost In Hell addict or better: lost in musics paradise…

Seasons Of The Wolf – Nocturnal Revelation (Earth Mother Music 2001)

After listening the previous releases I was thinking no way could they surpass the self titled release and Lost In Hell… But how wrong I was. Presenting 13 tracks of pure, very skilled combination of Progressive, Traditional and New Age, Seasons of the Wolf became a CULT band for me. This album is highly recommended as are the previous two releases.