Steve Thorne – Emotional Creatures: Part One (2005. Great Britain. Giant Electric Pea Records)

For this album, I have to thank to Martin Orford from GEP. Emotional Creatures: Part One, is the debut album of Steve Thorne, an Hampshire based singer/songwriter/performing artist. For this album, he gathered some well known musicians: Tony Levin, Nick D’Virgilio and Geoff Downes among others. He’s a one man band. And to support this idea, I’ll write you all the instruments he played on: acoustic guitars, nylon guitars, fretless bass, keyboards, electric guitars,percussion, bass guitar, bass pedals, 12 string guitar, samples, sound effects. He also did the backing vocals. He has some interesting themes for the songs, from the Indian lands on which is built USA, to drugs and nonsense killings from high schools in USA. It seems that he has no Taboo subjects, considering that UK is a very good partner of US. Speaking again about the music: we find influences from progressive, folk, indie and finishing with alternative. His music is full of rhythm and his voice it’s just perfect. Visit his website:

Our note: 5 out of 5.