The Black League – “Man’s Ruin Revisited” (Spinefarm)

The third album by Finland’s “Black League” is finally out, released by Ranch Records. How can I describe their music? Take some Motorhead, some Lynyrd and mix all that with some Sentenced and Legenda influences and you’ll get the picture. And if you think that they were placed in the first 20 bands/100 by HMM, you’ll see how good they are. Recorded and mixed at Seawolf Studios and produced by Hannu Leiden, “Man’s Ruin Revisited” comes with a very interesting front cover: a drunk, semi-naked girl that certainly brings me some indecent thoughts. The Black League’s gentlemens are: Taneli Jarva (vocals), Maike Valanne (guitars), Alexi Ranta (guitars), Kimmo Luttinen (drums) and Florida (bass).