WARCRY – “Alea Facta Est” (Jaus Records/Avispa)

The Spanish band WARCRY returns with their 3rd CD ‘Alea facta est’. The sound/production is very good, 10 quality songs (with a total playing length of 60 minutes) of typical European Melodic (Power) Metal at it’s very best with touches of Melodic Hardrock/Metal on songs like: Liberia, Espiritu de amor. The lyrics are in Spanish, but that’s not a problem. If you can’t understand them, your heart will understand. You must absolutely try Sin tu voz (a very catchy ballad). Other bands that are playing European Melodic Power Metal: Tierra Santa, Avalanch etc. I highly recommend this CD.

Official webpage: www.warcry.as

Our note: 5 out of 5