YOC – Thy Kingdom/The Pit (self releases)

These are two self-released CDs from an aspiring musician from Turkey, Yalin Coskun. THY KINGDOM begins with a simple piano intro, and then segues into what I’ll call the orchestral version of the title song. There are no guitars, bass, or drums to be heard here, just Yalin singing fantasy lyrics over top of keyboards. Yalin’s vocals are surprisingly powerful, and he manages to grab your attention and hold it.

Our note: 3 out of 5

The Pit begins with a cover of Testaments “Into the Pit” (dedicated to Paul Baloff and Chuck Schuldiner R.I.P), an original song by Yalin called “Why” and two “home recordings” that may remind you a little bit of Deep Purple. The Testament cover is very good.Why” is more in the style of a rock ballad. The other two tracks I guess he made them when making dinner… Interesting debut album… 4 tracks and all different from each other. I guess this is better than Thy Kingdom.

Points: 4 out of 5