Zonaria – Rendered in Vein

In June I’ve received an e-mail from a band asking me to review their music. Next day, I’ve received from Emil Nystrom an archive with their last album “Rendered in Vein”(a 3 piece demo) and also a big surprise: the best Melodic Death Metal music I’ve received for a while. They are a young quartet (17-19 years old) from Umea, Sweden. If I was thinking at the begining that they will probably provide some low quality material, I was extremly surprised to receive high quality stuff, including a Video.

To describe their music… Think of early Emperor, Dimmu, ravishing the metal world. If you like In Flames or C.O.B., then you will love these guys for sure. We have here a combination of aggressive riffing, quick drumming, some harsh vocals (in my impression a whiskey soak voice would sound even better) and haunting keyboard…

This combination makes you wanna go crazy and smash everything in your path. Wot a wonderful feeling. 😀 Let me say that they are unsigned by any labels!!!! So, if you need a good band, please check them out: