Geminus Sect Interview

I don’t know how many people know about the existence of this great industrial band, a very nice alternative to Rammstein and M.Manson. So, to find out a little more about them and their music, I’ve took them an interview.

1) Hi there. Tell us your history, past releases etc…

XEVIN: The Geminus Sect came about in early ’99 when Xayne and I decided to change the name and start fresh. We were originally a three piece band called Auslander with a live drummer named Gerhart and minimal electronics. We parted ways with him in ’98 and a couple of months later joined up with a programmer/guitarist named Tekk who had some equipment and got us into a studio to record our first demo for free. He had other things going on at the time so we parted ways and went on as a duo again. In 2000 we sent our demo out to a bunch of labels and Sin Klub was really interested in releasing our first CD. We signed a year long contract with them in October of 2000 and recorded the CD in 2001. Gemination is our first official release.

2) The Geminus term sounds like Gemini (Twins), so two questions are ready. Are you really twins and why a twin sect? Do you have any worshipers?

XEVIN: Geminus is the singular form of the word Gemini meaning “twin-born” or “doubled.” We are identical twins… Xayne is a minute older than me and we have pretty much the same taste in music, movies, food, etc. As far as the word “sect” in the The Geminus Sect, we wanted a band name that sounded like it could be the title of a sci-fi movie. I thought “Geminus” would be a cool band name and Xayne added “Sect” and that completed it. Sect really just refers to our fans and the people who are into our music. But who knows, maybe when we make more of a name for ourselves we’ll turn it into a full blown cult and be twin David Koresh’s.

3) And now lets talk a little bit about your album. Why did you name it, “Gemination”?

XEVIN: Gemination means ‘to double’ and we used it as a play on words… as in the idea of The Geminus Sect starting with Xayne and I and spreading into a “nation”. Actually, we originally thought about calling the band Gemination.

4) In the booklet you don’t have any lyrics, so I can’t say what is the concept of the album. So, please illuminate us.

XEVIN: We may eventually put up a lyric page on our site with a new song’s lyrics every month or so. There’s not really one particular concept to the CD. Most of the lyrics deal with a nonconformist mindset and the rut that people fall into when they get older… of just accepting what’s been force-fed to them all their lives and not trying to break out of that mold. Songs like Slavior and Unborn Again kind of deal with those issues. Some of the songs deal with our view of the not-so-distant future and how man’s own inventions will one day render him obsolete. Then something like Digital Deities is totally spur of the moment lyric-wise. Tekk wrote the music to that song and originally titled it “Dead Deities”. Either Xayne or I changed it to Digital Deities and that title fit the music so we went from there.

5) One of your songs has quite a profane sound: Sadomasochrist. Tell us why did you used this strange title. It’s more close to the Black/Death Metal bands song titles than to an industrial band.

XAYNE: Well, that song is about the way people sometimes let Christ, God or whatever religion make them feel guilty about pleasure or different things. It could also be about the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality or the hipocrisy of Christianity and religion. Plus it was just a cool play on words for a song title….adding an R to the word Sadomasochist. Seems like that title would already have been used, or maybe it has. If we were a Black metal or Death metal band, we may have called the group “SadomasoChrist”, who knows. But we usually try not to get too religious or political.

6) What is your opinion about J.Christ? Is he the son of God or was he a smart dude who succeeded to become a spiritual leader only by trickery?

XAYNE: Nobody really knows for sure, but I think Jesus Christ had a real biological dad out there somewhere, he was probably just a really good bullshitter as far as the God thing.

XEVIN: Elvis and Lennon are “gods” or like Christ to some people because they’re dead. Seems to always work that way. Even though what they did on earth was great, dying makes you untouchable and things tend to get amped up alot as time goes by. The same could apply to Jesus and some day bin Laden, Saddam, Ringo, etc… if you’re popular or in some kind of position of power today then when you die you’ll be even more popular and celebrated. Look at Cobain, the guy wrote some good songs but ever since he offed himself he’s become a martyr to some people.

7) When I’m looking to the front cover and reading the title of another song: H.E.D. (Human Elimination Device), I can’t stop wondering if you believe in extra-terrestrials.

XAYNE: H.E.D. is really about technology and machines taking over things a man used to do or the roles being reversed as far as robots/machines taking control. But I can kinda see where you get the extra terrestrial concept as far as aliens invading and eliminating humans.

XEVIN: Aliens are a cool thing to want to believe in just like ghost, but I’d have to see them with my own eyes to really believe that something else exists out there. I think the idea of life somewhere else in the universe is a possibility though.

8) You’ve had some great reviews for the album all over the world, but what was the fans response? Have you received many demands for the CD?

XEVIN: The fan response has been great. I’ve gotten emails from Germany, Canada, and all over the world so the disease is spreading beyond the States. The CD is available through a number of music outlets all over the world. If they don’t have it in the store you can most likely order it through the store or through Sin Klub or our site when we get through revamping it.

9) Did you tour intensely to promote the album?

XEVIN: We’ve done the odd bit of touring for the CD and opening for some nationals but nothing extensive. That ought to change this year. We took a year off (not really by choice) to get our heads back together and decide our next move and write some new stuff. We’re itching to get back out on the road.

10) Touring with masters like Moonspell, The Kovenant made you change something in your music? If yes, what, why?

XEVIN: Both were great bands to play with but honestly I don’t know much about either’s music so I can’t say it influenced us at all. I remember the singer for Moonspell was a really nice guy and complimented us on a great show even though half the crowd probably didn’t know what to think of us. Opening for Bile was alot of fun too.

11) I see with some reticence that a lot of bands are renouncing to classical instruments: guitars, bass, drums etc., in favour of computer programming. How do you see this change of attitude? It’s a metamorphosis in something better or they use computer prog ’cause this way a CD is cheaper and sometimes the result is better?

XEVIN: With us it’s just how we choose to write the music. Some of the songs on Gemination were conceived the old fashioned way… banging away on a set of drums and a guitar (Better Off Dead, Nothing Is Real, Lapse and Cyst were written this way). Yes it is sometimes easier to record a programmed drumbeat instead of a live human drummer on a acoustic set with fifteen microphones. But I would never strictly record one way even though that may be the most common way… we’d be willing to record live drums if the opportunity arose or it sounded better that way. Actually we’re thinking about revamping some of the songs for live drums for the live show. All the guitars, bass, vocals, and some keyboards are live in the studio though.

12) Sin Klub was a good supporter of your album: advertisement, promo Cd copies for world wide mag, distributors, radio stations etc?

XEVIN: Now that the CD has been out over a year Sin Klub has done a good job of promoting it and getting the word out. Honestly, there was a time when I didn’t think the CD was going to see the light of day. We recorded it in February of 2001, mixed it in October of that same year and it finally came out over a year later in late 2002.

13) Who is your favorite industrial metal band? What bands helped you to become the ones you are today?

XEVIN: We don’t really have a favorite industrial band or any type of band for that matter. There’s the usual lot of electronic-based bands that we got into early on like Skinny Puppy and Ministry. We have a pretty wide range of influences that go beyond just industrial or metal acts. When I’m in the car I can listen to anything from Bread to Bile. As cliché as it sounds I guess if I could pin-point one band that we idolized when we were younger it was Kiss. That started the idea for us as far as being in a band just like it did for a million other kids. As far as an industrial band that shaped us, it’d probably be Ministry. When I first saw the NWO video I kinda laughed but then later on I got it. 80’s Metal was also a big influence… Shout-era Crue and early Twisted Sister. As far as later stuff it’d be some Aphex Twin and both of the Ohgr CD’s are killer from front to back. Great songwriting with plenty of hooks… something you wouldn’t expect from Ogre when you think about his SP days. I love Mark Walk’s programming on both.

14) This is the end of our interview. Thanks. Bye. Any last words?

XEVIN and XAYNE: Thanks to Metal Silvae for the questions and check out during the next couple of months for new info and songs. Lots of new stuff planned for 2004!

Editor’s note: All the pictures used were taken from The Star


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