Lazy American Workers Interview

1) Hi. To begin like a pro, please tell me your history, past releases, line up…

<<The original line up was Steve wells on bass. me on guitar, Kevin Tufts (ex-Porn Flakes) on drums, and Mike Liedtke lead vocals. We released two or three underground type demos and/or full lengths. Mike quit, got married, moved to Texas. Kevin was replaced by Steve Irby (ex-Black Eye) and is still in the current line yup with myself and Steve Wells.>>

2) The first question that pops up my mind is why do you have this strange name?

<<We think it’s kinda funny actually. I suppose you would too, if you knew anybody in the Auto Workers Unions over here.>>

3) What type of “social problems” do you touch in your lyrics? If you touch any.

<<We’re not big on preaching about too much through our music. It’s more about just rockin’ out, and having fun. There’s already WAY too many fuckers out there taking themselves too serious.>>

4) A lot of punkers are being considerated “social problems”. That tag was placed upon you? If yes, why?

<<No, not at all. Like I said, wer’re just three old guys delivering the blistering rock!>>

5) Touring with bands like Slayer, Goldfinger, D.R.I., changed something in your music? What has changed in your music over the years?

<<When Mike sang with us we were more “Poppy-ish”, now we’re almost like an old school speed metal band. The only difference is the heavy punk influence.>>

6) I know a lot of punkers and almost all of them are using drugs: marijuana, L.S.D etc., at every rock concert. Between Heavy Metalists, Black Metalists this this doesn’t happens very often. This is what is happening in my country. In USA do you have the same problem?

<<I think that problem exists everywhere, not just in the music scene.>> What’s your attitude towards drugs? <<Personally, I don’t do drugs. I used to smoke alot of weed years ago, and drank a little. The other guys in the band enjoy a good smoke though on occasion.>> Do you take drugs? <<Nope. I got enough problems.>>

7) Where do you find your inspiration?

<<Everywhere. Out in nature…walking down crowded city street…dreaming… chasing women… inspiration is found anywhere you look.>>

8) When I read the lyrics for “The Empty Glass”, a question appears. What attitude do you have towards heavy drinking?

<<That’s actually a spin off of a really old song that my Grandpa used to sing. He was from one of the Southern states over here, you may have heard the term, “Hillbilly”…it was from an old Hillbilly song…yes, my Grandpa was indeed a Hillbilly.>>

9) I saw that “Windian” is about fake people. Tell me the story behind it.

<<Steve Wells and myself played on a Pow Wow Drum, which is a sacred Native American activity. At all these events were people trying to “act” like Natives (American Indians) trying to out do the next guy. It was sad, because there weren’t many that acted like that, but the ones that did put a black cloud on the entire thing.>>

10) How was received by the public and mass-media your new album? You’ve toured extensively to promote it?

<<So far so good. Of course you’re going to get good and bad reviews, that’s to be expected. We toured quite a bit last Fall and early Winter. I also play bass for GWAR, so now we had to put L.A.W. on hold due to the GWAR recording schedule. As soon as that’s complete, we’ll get back out until the GWAR tour starts.>>

11) If you look back to the origins of punk, do you see these punk wannabees like intruders?

<<Nah man, to each his own, you know? Call it whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. Long gone are the days of, “Death to false whatever”>>

12) In your opinion, who is the best punk band of the world? Except you, of course! He, he.

<<Wow, tough question…hmm…gotta be The Descendents ! !>>

13) Why did you named your cd “Surf Lake Erie”? Reading the lyrics, I see that every song is about something else and only one of them is related to the title.

<<The town we’re from, Toledo, Ohio, is located on Lake Erie…it’s a joke, because there are no waves here, so surfing is impossible, see? Alot of the other songs do have references to this area though, but you probably wouldn’t know that, not many people from the states do either. Oh well…>>

14) When I look to your pics, nothing tells me that you’re a punk band. Nothing from the old bands. But after all, not the clothes are making the man. So, could you tell me, in your opinion, how must behave a punker, dress, etc.?

<<Dude, don’t get caught up in the “punk uniform” So many “so called punks” today are so worried about how punk or street they look, it’s become it’s own trendy fashion show. Like I said, we just deliver the furious rock, people call us punk, that’s fine…some call us metal, that’s fine too, we don’t care, as long as they keep coming out to the shows!>>

15) Well, this is almost the end. Two final questions, are you an Iron Maiden fan and what is the american dream?

<<Iron Maiden is one of (if not) the greatest meatl bands of all time. We’re all huge Maiden fans. I just saw them again last summer, they were fucking unbelievable! So tight, and kicking ass after all these years. Hell yeah! As far as the American Dream goes…to me it’s being able to rock in a band, tour the country or world, get paid, meet tons of really cool people, see lots of great places, and make people smile and have fun at shows!>>

16) Now, this is the real end of the interview. Any last punk wisdom to share with us? Thanks for the interview. All the best in the future.

<<Here’s a final bit of wisdom…” You’ll never go wrong by doing the right thing!”
Thanks alot for the interview man, I really appreciate your interest in our band. Best of luck to you with all your endeavors. CHEERS! -Todd/ Lazy American Workers>>


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