Out Of The Lair Interview

1) Hello! How are you doing? How are things going on for Out of The Lair?

Hi Metal-Silvae & Romania. Thank you for the interview invitation. Everything considering OUT OF THE LAIR is going fine.

2) Could you start by presenting your history, line-up?

The band OUT OF THE LAIR was formed back in 1995, under the name WOLVERINE. Some live shows, recordings and line-up changes took place until now. Todays line up is Spyros V. (guitars, vocals), George Kantzios (bass), Dim (guitars), Dionysis Nikolaidis (drums).

3) Your album was released in the Fall of 2003. Are you satisfied with the final result?

The album was released in Fall of 2003, only for promotional reasons. The number of the copies can prove that. Most of the cds have been sent to labels and web zines, magazines etc. We are 100% satisfied with the final result. People listening to “Psychotears” are (most of them) satisfied and that make us satisfied too.

4) I was really impressed by the front cover. I think it blends with your lyrics. Are you satisfied with the outcome? How is Chris Karietis (Less than Human)?

It took much time and work for the making of the cover. Chris Karietis worked very long and very hard to conclude to this cover, after some guideness of the band. By looking at the cover and the layout in general, it’s easy to understand the professionalism of Chris. Checking some art of Chris can prove everything written above.

5) After Dim (ex. Desertomen, Transcending Bizarre) joined the band you changed your music style? He added more speed to it? How does he fits in the band?

The style of the band has not changed. OUT OF THE LAIR just got more mature time by time. Dim is an excellent guitarist. He’s one of the best in Thessaloniki in the metal genre. He added more ideas. He added his music personality at the group. Dim made OUT OF THE LAIR’s sound more complex.

6) You choose an interesting title for this new album, Psychotears. Could you elaborate a little bit on its meanings, as well as on the whole lyrical concept of the album?

The lyrics of the album are not talking about something specific. Most of them give social, political messages, some are talking about religion and some of them have fantastic content, but after analyzing them you get to social conclusions. The track Psychotears is talking about the human soul, the fears that someone may have and the battle that may be going on someone’s brain.

7) How did you worked with Sakis (Rotting Christ)? Is he a difficult person?

We met Sakis some time ago. We thought that the contribution of Sakis vocals would be great for OUT OF THE LAIR, since he is one of the best singers in metal. He came at the band’s studios to listen to us. Then he agreed in cooperating with us. He is a very friendly and cooperative guy.

8) Reading the lyrics from God, some questions are poping up my mind. Are you guys believing in after life (life after you die)? Do you think that Satan without God could not exist and vice-versa? Are they two faces of the same coin?

Spyros: I don’t know about after life. I’m not dead yet. I know about this life. God could not exist without human. Satan could not exist without God. I don’t know if there is God or Satan. Everyone can choose the path he likes. Concluding, I don’t like any religion. Religions are economical societies – companies nowadays.

9) I see that you also have a track about a vampire lady. Are you familiar with the story of Dracula? I must say I disagree with the term Dracula=vampire. Do you know who really was Dracula?

I think Dracula was first existed in the 1923 movie. It is a very good and cult movie. Everyone that wants to know about Dracula should refer to that movie. We haven’t met any vampires or Dracula since now.

10) I’ve understood that you have been selected to record two tracks that constituted the soundtrack of Erevos PC Game. That made you feel more important in the metal scene? Do you think it was an acknowledgement of your skills?

Erevos PC Game was our first official release. It was something we will not regret. The pack of the game was in a very nice box package and there was 2 cds. One cd had the game and the other had the soundtrack of the game. Erevos gave the chance to people to get to known us worldwide.

11) What bands influenced your music style? And what kind of music you listen at home?

Some bands that influenced our music style are: Helloween, Blind Guardian, Anthrax, Annihilator, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Crimson Glory, Conception, Kamelot, Paradise Lost, Candlemass, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Motorhead, Bob Marley, Sanctuary, Warlord, Kreator, Sodom, S.O.D., D.R.I., Queensryche and many many many more… At home we listen mostly to metal music.

12) I’ve read that you’ve played with bands like Sentenced, Rotting Christ, Primordial, Evergrey, etc. All these tours influenced in some way your music?

Playing with bands like Candlemass, Nevermore, Evergrey etc made us act in a more professional way. It didn’t influenced out music tho. It just influenced the way we act for promoting the group and our presence on the scene.

13) Are you satisfied with the collaboration with George Prigos (Less than Human, Homo Iratus) and with Fotis Demertzis (Homo Iratus, Disembowel)?

Both of them guys know how to do their job in a perfection. They are also our concert sound engineers. They are our friends too. So cooperating with them was really fun.

14) After 9 years in the Heavy Metal scene, how do you see it’s development? It became better with time or now it’s in decline?

Heavy metal music was at its top at ‘90s. Although, lately the heavy metal scene has began getting bigger. More people are listening to heavy metal bands and through internet more people can listen to heavy metal and read about the groups.

15) This seems to be all for the time being. Hope you’ve had a good time answering these questions. All the best in the future. Cheers…

Thank you for the interview. It was really fun answering the questions. We hope to meet you in person, when we may have a concert in Romania. We wish all the best for Metal Silvae, too.

Best regards,

Spyros, George – OUT OF THE LAIR


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