Plexus Interview

1) Hi guys. Tell me about your first album you’ve wrote (an EP, Departure). Why this strange name? Does it mean something for you? How was it received by the public?

We didn’t want any traditional metal names using medieval themes, like iron, steel, war and such kind of things. Plexus sounds different, that’s why we chose it. A lot of people think like us, so they liked it. Of course there will always be someone that doesn’t like, but that’s life. Plexus means: Interlaced parts. That’s a band – interlaced parts, working together to create something nice.

Departure was our first experience as a band in the studio and it worked great for us. There some great stuff in there.

2) You’ve also had a promoting gig for the EP. What was the atmosphere there? Were you afraid that you’ll fail?

That gig was great. The vibe was fantastic and a lot of people bought the CD. We were not afraid at all. Why would we be? 🙂

3) What happened after this gig?

We played a few more times, got in a TV show, entered 2 metal compilations. In 2002 we locked up in the studio to record new stuff.

4) You didn’t start in this line-up. What was the first line-up? Why did you renounce to the other guys for this simple scheme of 3?

It wasn’t working well. We realized that the 3 of us were the central core of Plexus and the other guys just didn’t seem to work nicely with us. This is natural in any band.

5) Your music suffered some changes after this “improvement”?

Not at all. I write all the stuff and create great part of the arrangements. After the line-up change, we felt better playing together and we got to know each other better.

6) Tell me about this album “Plexus”. Where did you got the inspiration for it?

I listen to every kind of music and the ispiration came from all the stuff I listen to. Especially Megadeth, Iron Maiden and some “new” metal bands like In Flames, Soilwork and Arch Enemy. I also have a lot of riffs and ideas that i’ll use for the next album.

7) Some of your lyrics give me the impression that you’re trying to set a rebellion against our way of thinking (in songs like Natural Born Leaders, Not a Chance). Maybe I’m wrong. What’s your message in these songs?

Natural Born Leaders is about leading something and the problems of being a leader. You have to listen to a lot of bullshit and you must exercise your patience. To be a leader is a difficult and honorable task. It is also dedicated to my father, who died last year.

Not a chance is about relationship and don’t give up of the person you love.

8) When you’ve recorded this album, you’ve worked with Martin Mendonca (Mystifier, Malefactor, Dr. Cascadura). How was he? How did you got along with him?

He’s a friend and a great musician and professional. He likes our music and he gives great ideas for the arrangements. We also work with Andre T who is a famous producer and sound engineer of our city.

9) What does your name mean?

See answer number 1 🙂

10) If some Romanian guy wants to buy some of your CD’s, where could he try doing it?

They can send us 10 American dollars to the following address:

Marcelo Martins

Rua Leonor Calmon, 74 Ap. 201 – Ed. Príncipe de Lyon

cep 40296-210

Salvador, Ba, Brazil

I’ll then send the CDs by mail, in a protected special envelope.

11) Thanks a lot guys. Hope to see you soon in Romania. :))) Any last words?

We hope to play there as well! Big thanks to all Romanian metal rockers and keep bangin’!


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