Scleroza Interview

1) Hi guys! How was 2002 for Scleroza?

Hello to all motherfuckers!!!The year 2002 was fucked up for the band ,we only have 3 shows and that because we haven’t were to repeat,the only good thing was that we record the first demo.

2) Give me a short history of Scleroza, line-up etc.

The band was born in 2001 and first we were 4 members Andrei-vocal, Para-drums, Schtephan-guitar and Dan-bass. After a few months Dan left the band and we’d playd without bass,now Insepultus (ex.Irkalla)does the guitar part in the band.

3) What do you listen at home? What can you tell me about you?

At home we listen a lot of hardcore, death-metal but we are very influenced by hip-hop. Because of that in our city we are seen in a very bad light by some fuckin’ people who doesn’t have any idee about metal but they want to look like. I think that you don’t have to dress in t-shirts with metal bands to be a true metal fan, the first thin is to listen metal and you have to like it & understand it, but that is my opinion.

4) What bands had a big influence on your music?

I don’t know, we listen a lot of bands but to give you an answer: Slipknot, Dying Fetus and for the lyrics Parazitii.

5) What are your opinions about our music scene?

What can I tell you, I see that the Romanian scene is in progress and is a very good thing ,but i see that in every fest there are invited the same bands, that I don’t like, The small bands have rare the opportunity to play at a big fest.

6) Your lyrics are very similar to those of “Parazitii”. Do you consider them your “idols”?

We do not consider them idols, we like their music, their way of life, their conception. Our lyrics are based by some things their are happened to us and a little bit exaggerated but not a lot 🙂

7) Define the music line you follow. Try to do it in one word.


8) What new things you do bring in the Romanian hardcore scene?

Shit, I don’t know, chaos, something without sense… vomit, blood, Satan, 666, Gabriel Cotabita, something like that. 🙂

9) Do you have one composer or does the entire band compose?

Every member of the band compose something but I don’t know what, I do the lyrics, I don’t know to do something else, maybe some food and coffee, I am very good at making coffee!!!

10) Tell me the Romanian bands you admire and why?

Avatar because I like their music and they are some fuckin’ great people, Parazitii, Adrian Copilu’, Guta and not last Pepe, I don’t like him.

11) You’ve realised all the goals you’ve had at the begining?

We realized at the beginning and we realized now, but what can we do, to repeat more? The beer is better (it was a joke).

12) Make a “Top 5” with your favorite albums from Romania.

Avatar – The Alchemist (they are playing better now)

Implant pt. Refuz – toate

Korruption – Slaves of Darkness

Bio – Dome

Legion – Marfa

13) Do you have any plans for the future: concerts, collaborations, a full album?

We want to drink more, to play more brutal, to fuck more and to drink more, and to…………. drink more!!!

14) Thanks for the interview, end it how you want.

Thank you and hope to see you soon to drink some fuckin’ beers and fuck some crazy fat girls, and don’t forget people from everywhere, buy yourself something to cover your heads because in the near future it will rain with shit, a lot of shit!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Scleroza Interview

  1. andrei says:

    super tare bloog-ul si misto sa dau si eu link-ul asta mai departe 😀

  2. metalsilvae says:

    mersi… ne faci reclama sa inteleg 🙂 …

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