Seiss Interview

1) Hi Seiss. Because this is the first time we speak and you’re unknown in Romania, please speak about you: history, past releases etc.

Hello and thank you very much for the opportunity to present Magnanimous Records and our projects to your readers. We are a small indie label, formed in 2001 by four members of ‘paradigm9.’ The label acts as an umbrella for our various musical projects. Our releases include ambient, electronic and various other genres.

2) I’ve seen the front cover of your album “Drone Lender” on the Magnanimous Records website ( It’s very interesting. Tell me when have you decided to make this album? Why? When you look back, it’s something that you want to change to this album?

“Drone Lender” was conceived and recorded in 2002. The point was to create an edgy, spacey sound collage of sounds i’ve recorded from electric and acoustic instruments, found-sound and field recording. I have heard it described as “sound sculpture” and it is indeed an exploration of visual art using sound form. The general motifs of contemporary pop songs are, for the most part, absent. It’s a finished work, so instead of analyzing what i would change about it, I look ahead to new projects.

3) You’ve choose an interesting title for the album. Can you tell me why? When I read the title “Drone Lender”, I think to a slave-holder. Don’t know why.

I used the title “Drone Lender” simply because it sounded like a cool title at the time. Nothing profound about it, really.

4) Have you had any support tour for the album? How was it received by the public, mass-media?

Like most limited-edition indie releases, it has reached the few folks who seek out this brand of music, and has received the expected mixed response ranging from glowing to…not so glowing. No tour for the album, but I am currently doing live shows with paradigm9, which is musically more condusive to live settings.

5) What influenced you to compose dark-ambient songs? Who are your favorite bands? What kind of music do you listen at your home?

The techniques used to produce “drone lender” were developed gradually over the course of a few years. It was a learning process, and perhaps a passing phase. I never intended to record an album this way, it just happened naturally as I was experimenting with sound and trechnology. I noticed a common thread between all of the tracks, so they all came together as a complete piece of work. Also, it is important to note that I am not particularly compelled to record only in this style. I work in dark, sample-laden composites, but also lighter, composed and more cinematic processes as well. Speaking of which, lately I am listening to new the album from ‘Trappist’ and enjoying the the completely free yet compellingly thematic nature of their electronic structures… it makes me think good music blurrs boundaries in all directions.

6) In Romania, the dark-ambient scene is not very big. What is the status in USA?

It is a small scene here, but ambient itself has waxed and waned in popularity for about 10 years. “dark-ambient” oft uses phraseology that doesn’t necessarily reflect magnanimous records releases. We represent a variety of artists working in quite a few different genres.

7) I’ve read on the website that Magnanimous Records is a artist-run label. When had his birth this label? What are the main goals?

We formed in 2001 to release “the halo effect” by paradigm9. our main goal is to support the avant-garde music scene in our home town of  Shepherdstown, WV. Recently, we have begun signing artists from other regions of the globe, such as Japan.

8) I’ve seen that Magnanimous promotes only dark-ambient bands, like: Ligo, Greenie2600, Matthew P etc. Why only dark-ambient? It’s not a very catchy genre.

Although we have a few ambient releases, we are not exclusively an ambient label. We represent mostly local artists working in many varied  genres including post rock, dub, electro and a few other almost unidentifiable genres. We are poised to soon release a 7″ of surf-rock tunes! Quite a far cry from “dark-ambient” wouldn’t you say?

9) Do you have any distro’s around the world? Where can we buy your cd’s? (I must add that in Romania no one has international credit cards, so your shopping cart will not be used by us. Sorry! )

Currently, we have no automatic international ordering system, but  anyone in Romainia who reads this and is interested in a copy of “drone lender” can send me an email at and i’ll send them a  copy of the disc for free.

10) Could you please present some of the bands?

Certainly. I have already mentioned paradigm9, and they are an art-house outfit dabbling in sound design and the scoring of visual installations; contemporary, medieval, and ancient styles of theatre and also performing instrumental, improvised electro-acoustic soundscapes. We also have a release from an artist known as “the mental midget” who strictly works with samples, creating humorous and intellectually silly compositions. “good lord giveth” is a side project of the members of paradigm9 working with guitars, drums and post-production to create more traditional-sounding songs. We also represent many more artists working behind the scenes to make magnanimous records possible, such as ligo, a multi-instrumentalist who has the lead off track on our first compilation and handles many of of the label duties. There is also jamesevanpilato who produces and records in most of the magnanimous records releases.

11) On the Magnanimous compilation, except Seiss ( :)))) ), only Greenie2600 impressed me. He also realized the website and designed the layout for the compilation. Please present him.

greenie2600 is a incredible designer and recording artist (among other things) who we hope will soon have a full length album available… in many ways, the look and feel of our label is inspired by his work.

12) Have you realized your short time plans? What are your future plans for Seiss and for Magnanimous?

Our short-term plans include new releases from paradigm9, a compilation featuring various producer’s remixes of the Shepherdstown Arkestra and the first full length album from our newest artist, Brain Ballet. I’ll be recording under the name Seiss again in the near future, while exploring some new sonic territory.

13) For the time being, this is all. Any last words? Thanks and bye.

Thank you very much!


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