Some really old reviews :D

The Thessalonian Dope Gods – High Idol Pulsation (Sin Klub Entertainment)

When you put this CD in the CD-Rom and you push “Play”, you don’t realize what is happening. These guys are experimenting with a lot of music styles. You can find Metal, Punk, Industrial and even Grunge. If I’m open minded when it comes to Telurica and ambiental music, this album makes me very conservative. If you like ambiental music (it sounds almost like this) or you are ready to experiment with other music styles, don’t miss it. When I’m looking to the front cover, I see the Dacian Wolf. Only the lyrics and the sound saves this album to become a total failure.

Evolotto – 6ixers (Sin Klub Entertainment)

A very interesting CD, combining Punk with Heavy Metal. Some heavy riffs, rapid drums and a vocal with an interesting voice. This CD is not my type. On the front cover we find a beautiful supermodel and on the back cover we find the same supermodel in front of a dream car. Some nasty lyrics and if you have a small kid don’t listen to this, cause it has explicit lyrics. And this is all.

The Mutants – Voodoo Blues (Spinefarm)

Combining the 60’s music with a hot combination of afro-cuban sounds, instrumental music and some psyche music, using some interesting instruments: percussion, organ, saxophone, these young guys have succeeded to attract a lot of attention on them. But now, my conservative side appears again. He is says to me: Get annoyed. You don’t like it. Only one thing I can say in my defense: The Mutants are not on my taste. Let me be objective: the CD has a very good sound, it’s well realized, great lyrics. A great cover made by Jorge Alderete. I wish them all the best and I hope you’ll like it.

Ahrcana – Into The Prophecy

This package was very unusual: a CD-R and a diskette (with the name of the band on it: Logo), without stickers or a short history. Listening to this CD, I’ve found some quality music:traditional Power Metal, not the Italo Power/Speed in vogue right now, with very catchy melodies and high vocals. On “Gates To Realm”, we find a mix of choir with a fast song, great lyrics. Here the very Italian pronunciation of singer Halley becomes evident, but does not take away anything from the quality of the song. After the short and calm “Tears In The Wind” they give everything on “Stormmaster”, guitar oriented, like that song was the last thing they must do. Great!!! I like it a lot. On the internet I’ve saw the front cover and it was unusual, but in the same time, very interesting. Who like Power Metal will not be disappointed by this album.

The GEMINUS SECT – Gemination (Sin Klub Entertainment)

A short description: Industrial rock music. If you think you’ve heard enough after a few tracks, how wrong are you!!! The music progresses as the album goes on. The electronic touch keeps your attention awake. This a very interesting apparition on the Industrial music scene, a very good alternative to Rammstein or M. Manson. Nice indeed. I hope to hear from them very soon.

The PB ARMY – Inebriates, Equirocators… (Sin Klub Entertainment)

Their promo sheet said that they are playing a Stoner-Pop-Metal. A lot of heaviness with some stoner added in. The pop sound appears from time to time. If you listen to it very careful, you can find also some punk influences. A very provocative cover too. Good quality sound.

Victory Flag – The Soundtrack To Your Misserable Life (Sin Klub Entertainment)

When I’ve saw the front cover, I was thinking: hmm… this is a Oi music band. And the real sound for this great album (I’m a big fan of Oi music) is thrash punk. Very interesting material here. Dave Biss has the real Oi music voice. What else can I say? I love it. I don’t want to spoil your pleasure. I want to recommend this album to everyone. PLEASE TRY IT!

Vagiants – Short & Hard (Sin Klub Entertainment)

Vocally and conceptually they are very good. Female fronted punk rock ‘n’ roll from Canada!!!! The Vagiants have that something that makes them stand out from the crowd. We’ve got some Motorhead fury, some AC/DC power, all the best things to make a band deathless. On “Over the Edge”, they give all they have, all the fury and speed. A very interesting cover and nice lyrics and a very good sound. Try it!!!

Crystal Eyes – Vengeance Descending (DPM Sweden)

A nice CD coming from Sweden. Already at their IV-th album, these guys are throwing at us one of the best Melodic Heavy Metal CD of this year. We find a very good music with some Power Metal influences and also some Prog influences too. I love songs like: Vengeance Descending, The Wizard’s Apprentice etc. The lyrics are nice. The sound is very good. The vocal has a strange voice, giving to this album a very interesting touch. The use of the choir is interesting and humanizes vocals voice. One song (a nice one): “Child Of Rock” was wrote by Mikael Dahl for his daughter Jennifer. Nice thing to do!!!

Seiss – Drone Lender and the Magnanimous compilation

A very strange and annoying music. My girlfriend had a headache after listening some tracks. She said to me that this music created a storm in her head and it makes you to lose your control. Some parts are repeating. The strong sounds used in these albums are very disturbing. I like ambiental music but this is too much for me and her. I guess you could go crazy if you will listen to them at some strange hours of the night. If you want a resemblance to these, I can say Mortiis. But… These are a little bit different. For all ambiental fans, this is one quality CD.

Absonant Candence – “Emergence” and “From Inside Out”

A Technical Death Metal coming from Canada.They have a nice touch but the voice is very common and monotone. A slow start that made me think they play some Goth Metal. But after 5 sec., I’ve found a very interesting Death Metal. The drums are also quite monotone. These are the only bad things I can say about these CD. Listening to the second CD, it seems that some improvements were made. Hope you’ll like them. I don’t know the covers, cause I’ve received only a CD-R copy. The sound is good. I hope they will make a new CD very soon.

Dreamtale: Ocean’s Heart

Style: Power Metal

This new album (the 2nd on Spinefarm and the 4th album) will certainly, show you what true Power Metal si really made of.Line-up:Tomi Viiltola – vocals, Rami Keranen- guitars, Esa Orjatsolo – guitars, Pete Rosenbom – drums, Turkka Vuorinen – keyboard, Pasi Ristolainen – bass. After a short introduction (the storyteller has a nice voice), the music will hit you like a hammer in the fontanels and will transport you in a magical land.Some nice growls on “Tears & The Awakening” and nice synthesizers. A HIGH Quality booklet, with the best cover artwork I’ve seen in a while. Nice lyrics and if you know the reputation of the Finnvox Studios, you can only imagine what great sound has this album. What can I say? I LOVE THEM. Try it!!!

Tarot: Suffer Our Pleasures

Style: Classic Heavy Metal

This is the 7th album for this great Finnish band, after five years of silence. This album has been worth waiting for. Line-up:Marco Hietala – vocals, bass (Nightwish), Pecu Cinnari – drums, Zachary Hietala – guitar and Janne Tolsa on keyboards. Time passed and these guys are better than ever.A few moment of silence before pressing “Play” and after that, you’ll find yourself in one amazing world:fury, sadness, rebellion… If the lyrics will be used by a Dark Ambient or a Black Metal band, they will “catch God by the leg”.A very nice booklet and great lyrics. :))) What else can I say? “Suffer Our Pleasure” is without a doubt the best Tarot album ever.This album will reach the top and will stay there untill the next Tarot album. Get It!!!!!!!!!!

Plexus: Plexus

This band came like a surprise to me. Why? They’re damn great. Even if they have some influences from Iron Maiden or Megadeth and if you’ll listen the CD with attention, you’ll discover a very good Heavy Metal. They’ve mixed in one CD: melodic songs like “Second Earth” and “Arrival” with some powerful thrash tunes like “Once in a Heart” and “Natural Born Leaders”, just for your soul. This cd is pure pleasure. Produced with Martin Mendonca (Mystifier, Malefactor and Dr. Cascadura) this CD will reach the top and it will stay there for a long long time. Support them, they are really worthy of your trust.

Telurica: Anthems of Desolution

This is a noise ambiental project of Inger Alb, ex. bass guitarist of Web and now the bass guitarist of Magica and Inger De Fier (from Constanta).A very good sound following the line of Daniel of Thy Veils but at a certain point, Telurica has a unique sound, created by the synthesizers and samplers. If you’ll listen to this CD you’ll find a “strange, cold combination of feelings of a visceral nature.” This album has a depressive, dark but in the same time a meditative sound. This self produced album, has 9 songs,30 min of music and can be ordered at

Silent Exile: Dancing with Death

Silent Exile are from Montreal, Canada, a five piece band: Chriss J.Y. vocal, Fabrice Blancheton guitars, Cedric Rioux on keyboards, Sylvain Gagnon on bass and Denis Ainsly on drums. They play a modern Symphonic Progressive Rock Metal, with a warm and rich sound. For this album they’ve focused intensely on their sound and on the lyrics. Compositions like “Stratosphere”, “Glase Maakerstraat” and “Images of War” demonstrate the level of the artists in their song writing abilities. This is a stunning debut album. You must have this album, doesn’t matter if you’re a prog fan or not.

Rob Rock: Eyes of Eternity

A very good work of Rob Rock. A unique Melodic Power Metal sound. We can feel the touch of Roy Z (Halford, Dickinson), who produced this album. Their unique sound is created by the use of keyboards. I don’t like very much Power Metal so I’m not very objective but, I can say: I LOVE “The Hour of Dawn”, a 12 min song that will raise your adrenaline. The front cover is damn good. Note:using the great talent of “Mistheria”, some of the world’s top power metal guitarists, the great voice of Rob Rock and the toucj of Roy Z, this cd will catch your attention. Buy it!!!

Emancer: The Human Experiment

Hey guys, a new star was born. At first, looking at the covers, I’ve said: another industrial or ambiental CD. But how wrong I was. Listening the cd, I’ve found a great Black/Death Metal.If you’ll combine Emperor with Dissection, you’ll find Emancer. What else could we expect from a band from Norway?This band can compete with any Black or Death Metal band.My advice, buy their CD. Black Owl Records made a great deal when they signed this band. Hope to hear from they very soon.

Ringnevond: Nattverd

A new Symphonic Black Metal band form Norway. This cd has 11 good quality songs, but all the lyrics are in Norwegian (a big point in minus for this CD). We can listen also to a lot of synthesizers but they are not a new Dimmu Borgir. Nice covers and logo. Another poin in minus is that in the booklet we can find lyrics for only 3 songs. My advice: If you wanna listen to a good Symphonic Black Metal band and you’re not very interested in the lyrics, buy this CD.

Asgaard: XIII Voltum Lunae

WOW. These guys are damn good. This album made me become on their biggest fans. A high quality Goth-Black Metal and with good lyrics. When you listen to the violin played by Honorata Stawicka, you feel like you got wings. A very nice booklet with lyrics for all the songs. Great covers and logo. This is another good CD from Metal Mind Productions. So, if you like bands like Morgul, just buy this CD.

Thy Disease: Cold Skin Obsession

Black Metal from Poland. At the beginning, a slow part of 10 sec and the your adrenaline raises.Few slow parts after that. On the CD we find 2 great songs:1) “The Last of The Mohicans”, released in ’92 by Morgan Creek and 2)”Without judgment”, music and lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner, Death. A nice booklet, cover artwork and logo. Buy it, listen it and you’ll be haunted by the need to listen it again.

Dol Ammad: Electronica Art Metal

This guy Thanasis Lightbridge is fantastic. His music is very refreshing and can be used to relax yourself after a hard day of work. He mixed techno with a lot of synthesizers and a choir a la Therion in one great CD.The sound is in the same time cheerful and meditative. Don’t believe a work that I’ve just wrote. Buy, borrow, “steal” this CD and enter in Thanasis world and then you’ll see that all that I’ve just said is true.

Sengaya: Metamorphosis

One of the best Prog albums I’ve listened in a while. 33 minutes of pure pleasure, divided in 7 songs. Good song writing abilities, sound is very good (the cd was mastered at House of Audio and recorded at D.A.H.O.A.M. Studios). The use of a choir on “Way of ecstasy” is a good idea. A very interesting artwork done by Salvador Dali. A point in minus for this CD is the lack of lyrics in the booklet. You guys should try it!

Woods of Ypres: Against The Seasons

If you had said to me that a Viking Metal bands could come from the frozen tundra of Canada, I would have died laughing.But these guys broke my limited way of thinking. They’ve turned the impossible into reality. They play the best Viking Metal I’ve heard since the last Enslaved album. I can’t say anything bad about them. This demo that I have is just breathtaking. The voices of Brian McManus (black vocals) and Aaron Palmer (clean vocals) are just incredible. Buy it!!!

A Fire Inside (AFI): Sing the Sorrow

I don’t like very much the new punk scene. I like old punk bands like The Adicts, Dead Kennedys, Toy Dolls etc. When I’ve put the CD into the CD-Rom and pushed “Play”, I’ve discovered a new best punk band. Even if they have some Goth influences, punk takes like 90% from the “space”.We find it in the lyrics, we find it in the manner that Davey sings etc. These guys deserve to be #1 in the punk scene. This CD is a multimedia CD: 12 audio files + a secret AFI site with exclusive audio and video content. A great booklet with lyrics for every song.Their label done a great deal when they’ve signed these guys. If I would be asked to give this guys a note between 1 and 10, I would have given them a 12. This CD enters the Must Have It Zone.

The Mars Volta: De-Loused in The Comatorium

One of the best Cd’s you’ll hear ’till the end of the year. Inspired by the life and times of Julio Venegas, this CD, full of weird melodies is pushing the limits of rock ‘n’ roll.They touch the depth of human soul and lyrics like:”Are you listening? Who brought me here?” will haunt you. Raised from the ashes of At th Drive In, this full-length debut album has some fantastic tunes with some challenging parts in between. Every song is linked to another song, creating a whole entity. The singer Cedric Bixler Zavala has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard. A very interesting booklet with some intriguing designs. If you like bands like Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and artists like Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix, you’ll also like this CD.

Anthenora: The General’s Awakening EP

“I was born in the 80’s, I lived in the 80’s so I’ll play like in the 80’s”. This is the best way to describe this classic heavy metal band from Italy. With some influences from Jag Panzer, this CD enters the masterpiece zone. The sound is very good (This CD was recorded at Remaster Studios Vincenza and produced by Tony “Mad” Fonto from White Skull) and very nice lyrics. The cd covers are interesting and a very good logo. A point in minus: we don’t have the lyrics wrote in the little booklet.

Backdraft: Here to Save You All

WOW, a Swedish band that plays Southern Rock! This is not a joke guys! This five piece band delivered us the best Southern Rock album in years. They mixed the best of Lynyard Skynyrd, ZZ Top and Raging Slab into one great cd. The vocalist has a great voice(Jonas Ahlen) that’s just right for this type of music. I can’t recommend this album enough. For the Southern Rock fans and not only for them: this cd enters the Must Buy Zone.

Pagan’s Mind: Celestial Entrance

These guys are playing a good blending of Progressive Metal with Power Metal and dashes of Thrash and Black Metal. The vocalist, Nils K Rue, has a great voice that makes the difference from the other Prog/Power bands. And the two guitar players: Jorn Viggo Lofstad and Thorstein Aaby are a perfect match for each other. The good sound is improved by the mixing at famous Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, by Fredrik Nordstrom (Hammerfall, Synergy). A nice artwork and logo. When you look at the front cover, you’ll see a StarGate that will make you think to another worlds. Buy it, you’ll not be disappointed.

Silent Force: Infatuator

This German-American band is playing a very good European Melodic Power Metal. This five piece band (DC Cooper – vocals, Andre Hilgers – drums, Alex Beyrodt – guitars, Torsten Rohre – keys, Jurgen Steinmetz – bass) done a very good thing when they’ve decided to make this album. D.C. proves that his a world class vocalist. Best song? None. All of them are very good., but I like: “Cena Libera” (performed by the Belorussian State T.V. & Radio Orchestra) and the ballad “In my Arms”(Cooper with Inka Auhagen). The cover artwork was done by Axel Hermann. Hmmm, guys buy this great CD !!!!!!!!

Cannibal Corpse: Bloodthirst

With this album, Cannibal Corpse becomes “the masters of the Death Metal scene in all the world”. Their brutality, combined with a very good technique, makes their album a masterpiece of the Death Metal genre. All the pieces are played at the same high level, with very few weak things. The uncensored covers of this album is found only on the CD. This album enters in the : Must to have zone.

Tristania: Beyond The Veils

They’ve been considered the successors of My Dying Bride and I think they will achieve that, fulfilling my trust. They give us a very good Gothic Metal Symphonic. The voices are extremely good. The violin sounds good and every thing is combined into a masterpiece. The covers are really good and production is at the same quality. I wait for their new album.

Scleroza: Bautura pa’ factura

Few things I’ve known about Scleroza before wining their CD “Bautura pa’ factura”. The band from Alexandria plays a combination of old hardcore with death metal. The album has 3 songs made in that style. The lyrics are like those of “Parazitii”. The drums and guitars are very well played, giving us a real touch of hardcore. Even the voice is good. The quality of the sound is not very good, because is made in their own place. The covers are in concordance with the music and textual ideas. Over all, it’s a good start for them. Contact:

Graveworm: As the Angels Reach The Beauty

The Italians from Graveworm, offer us an interesting and original atmosphere using violins, violas, whistle. They combine Pagan, Goth, Death and even Black. Voices are very good. The covers and production are very good, making Graveworm one of my favorite bands. This album enters in the: Must to buy zone.

Lord Belial: Enter the Moonlight Gate

It’s a good album. We find a high quality Black Metal with a touch of Gothic (Epic). The drum-machine and the electric and acoustic guitars are really good, introducing us in a world of Swedish Black Metal. The cello, the flute and the female voice gives us a very good music. Voices are good, especially the voice of Marielle Anderson. At one passage of “Realm of a thousand burning souls”, I was thinking of Tibet. The hidden song comes like a surprise. I love that song. Over all: very good.

Gorgoroth: Incipit Satan

They play a good Northern Black Metal in their own style. Even though this album is not their best (the best: Destroyer), it deserves to be bought, their music remaining a very good Black Metal with a fast style and very few slow fragments. Production is not very good, it diminishes the aggressivity of the music.