Tvangeste – FireStorm (WorldChaos Production)

I don’t have too many things to say about this album.  I was impressed by the quality of the music. For this album, they had a new member: Naturelle, the wife of Miron, band leader and founder. The album was finished last year but due to various problems their former label sold all rights of the album to the Japanese label Worldchaos Production in November. There is now no doubt that Cradle Of Filth has been a major source of inspiration for Miron and his band mates, they have that something that makes them unique. They have succeeded to mix in one great CD the quality of classic music with the fury of Black Metal. On this album, they were helped by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and the Prussian Chamber Choir and a polish drummer: Cezar Mielko, from Dominion. Naturelle and Katya (first violin of the Baltic Symphony Orchestra), they’ve wrote all the sheets of notes. A great booklet and a very nice front cover. A very good sound. This is an exceptional album. I can’t recommend it enough.