Sear Bliss

Zoltán Pál, trombone player of the Hungarian black metal band, Sear Bliss (, will appear as a guest musician on Sigh’s (,  next album.

Zoltán Pál: “When Sigh announced that they were looking for brass players for their upcoming album, I decided to send them an e-mail. I liked their latest record, Hangman’s Hymn, so I wanted to take part in their next album. The head of Sigh, Mirai replied my mail within a few minutes. I was very pleased that he knew Sear Bliss and was aware of what we do. He sent me the score for the songs, and a few weeks later I recorded them in my hometown. I can assure everyone who liked Sigh’s music that they managed to take a step even further. It’s going to be a masterpiece.”

The 8th album of Sigh – entitled Scenes from Hell – will be released in 2009 via The End Records.

Sear Bliss are currently working on their upcoming DVD release. They recorded their 15th anniversary gig in Budapest at the end of November. The DVD will be released in 2009 via Vic Records.

Yours sincerely,
Schervenka Endre
PR&RPM Management
(Paranoid Rec.&Rockpolis Media)
/Harghita/RO, P.O.BOX: 12
Tel.:+4-0744-795.773 (Ro)
0036-20-3721977 (Hu)


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