We search for metal bands to promote in Romania

Only the best metal music!

Metal Silvae Webzine is currently searching world wide for 20 metal bands to be added free of charge in our first promo CD campaign of this year, that will be launched in late April.
To be considered, bands will have to come from one of these genres: black metal, death metal, heavy metal, doom or gothic metal and have as a requirement:

1. Official MySpace, Facebook, etc. profile/official website

2. to provide one or two high quality mp3s

3. to provide full bio and pictures (jpeg or tiff, 150 DPI, high resolution)

4. to provide (if available) one or two video clips (medium quality) – no more than 100 mb both

5. you’re the legal owner of song proposed and you will sign a contract in which you will grant us the use of the song only for this promo campaign (this is to avoid any nasty copyright troubles)

To get a glimpse of what we are looking for, please read some of our CD reviews and band interviews posted on our blog.

Good luck to everyone who will apply. If you don’t qualify for this campaign there is still hope. We will have another one in late September.

Who are we?

The idea of Metal Silvae Webzine was born in the winter of 2002 in Sibiu, after some beers and discussions with some friends, who felt the need for a new kind of website in the Romanian metal scene.

We are the official spokesman in Romania for Ancient Ceremony and Hrimthurs and starting this year we provide PR services for bands, labels and companies.

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This press release can be found in social media format here:


Shortened URL: http://pitch.pe/3182

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