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Please devote some time to look through the brief presentation of the EEA – a Department of Virtuosity partner organization – founded in order to help excellent artists and bands develop their musical careers. We hope the EEA meets your expectations. We are looking forward to your remarks!

ˇ About:

This organization was created by an artist, for artists. In my experience, I have come into contact with only three types of people in the music industry: liars, thieves, and those that would like to suck you dry, period. I have always led a life of excellence, honesty and integrity, so you can imagine my discontent with this scenario. Recently, I hit my pain threshold for this environment, and vowed to create a new entity, based on these principles, which would a create a safe haven for artists, and allow them to grow and thrive.

The Eutopia Entertainment Alliance (EEA) is an organization/union of artists and entertainment industry professionals from around the world that have come together for a single purpose: to keep music alive today, and provide for an enriched environment, so that music will have a prosperous future. Only those that have achieved excellence need apply, as we are interested in the very best ~ those in the 99th percentile. By gathering together the cream of the crop, music has a hope for survival, because make no mistake about it, music is essentially dying as this is being written. The major record labels are falling apart at the seams, as they failed to recognize that in the late 1990s, their business model and delivery mechanism was assassinated by file sharing, and ironically, the fall began when they delivered the compact disc (CD) in the mid-1980s. Soon, all artists will be “indie artists,” make no mistake about it. With the downfall of the majors, the revenue pumping into !
satellite and terrestrial radio ceased, so no one should be surprised that these industries have withered and are going bankrupt, or are on the way to dissolution. Some have hailed this as a revolution, with the terrestrial radio stations being taken over once again by local entities, but it’s too late. The technology is dead, and internet radio has gained inexorable momentum ~ there is no looking back.

Industry professionals and artists that have decades of experience have no idea what is going to transpire now and in the future. Music is now a dynamically changing entity on a day to day basis, and many are frightened by this fact. Instead of letting time pass to reveal the strategic vision of the entertainment industry, I’ve decided to create the future, and do this right now. The business model that supported the industry for decades on end is dead and buried. Now, a new innovative business model must be created and leveraged, to bring the music industry into the 21st century.

At this point, artists are faced with the necessity of coming together as a strategic unionized entity, and create a synergy that is undeniable. If not, it is only a matter of time before those that do not become casualties of contemporary technology. By joining the EEA, artists will receive all of the services that they need, from beginning to end, at no cost, an equal trade of services, or at a significant discount of 25% or greater. As our membership grows, these discounts and affiliations will only grow in number, and the costs lowered, so expenses are minimized. In direct alignment with this, we will also create strategic partnerships around the globe that leverage existing revenue streams based on performance royalties, digital and in-store distribution, HD streaming to commercial franchises that will replace antiquated radio technologies, international merchandise sales, consolidated touring income, film/TV licensing, ringtone delivery via smartphone applications and !
WiFi-enabled vehicles. This will not be an isolated effort, but a true globalization of entertainment in its entirety, stretching from North America to The Far East, and everywhere in between. Gone are the days where advertisement/marketing/promotion was haphazardly executed in a “scattershot method.” Now, the demographic data obtained from our online presence will reveal the targeted groups that are your audience, and a bottom-up approach to building a fanbase that will support your career and retirement throughout your years is attainable.

Believe it or not, this is only the beginning, and what you’re reading about here has coalesced in the last three weeks. There is a bright future ahead, and I hope you enjoy it with me.

Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire, President, EEA LLC

ˇ Services:




Entertainment Law

HD Internet Radio (Eutopia Radio)

HD Video Development

Industry News Feeds

Insurance (Gear, Health, and Vehicle)


Management (Eutopia Management)

Media Duplication (CD/DVD)




Press Kit and Press Release Development


Record Label (Eutopia Records)

Reviews (Demos, Full Releases and Live Concerts)

Website Development

… and MUCH more to come!

ˇ Current Artists:

Dameus Calling, Dean Farnell, ElitriKa, Michael Stollaire, Mojave, Orphonic Orchestra, Ratcliff Bailey, Smart Artists, Sonic Epitaph — STS

Audio Link:
Steve Martin
859 523 0503


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