ABI VON REININGHAUS – King Of Heart, Artist Reissue / release: 02.10.2009

ABI VON REININGHAUS – King Of Heart“Songs without words” from one of the great masters of contemporary guitar. With its long awaited “Artist Reissue” Abi von Reininghaus’ “King of Heart” album finally arrives with all new artwork and additional great new songs. Having been one of rock guitar’s acclaimed and timeless instrumental albums all of its initial magic is right there and alive.

In fact, with its brand new songs ranging from Rock/Reggae (“Dreadrock Island”), Rock/Blues ballads (“Pacific Coast Highway”, “Pray”), and gutsy unplugged sounds (“Tennessee Motel”) along with the original album’s 12 compositions “King of Heart – Artist Reissue” unleashes its force with a great blend of fierce virtuosity, majestic instrumental ballads and state-of-the-art recording. Enjoy the rich variety of earworm-melodies and lushious grooves and get carried away in this unique mix of styles from Rock to Blues to Classical and back again. Hear the delicate nuances of carefully recorded acoustic instruments and get swept away by the raw energy of powerhouse rock guitar – a 63:31 minute journey through the best of instrumental guitar music.


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