MARKONEE – See The Thunder

MarkoneeMarkonee are a hot new band from Italy that specialise in Classic hard rock, the sort that we all love as purveyed by Winger, Ratt, Gotthard and Warrant. They first recorded a concept album “The Spirit of Radio” three years ago that was based around the invention of the radio by Gugliemo Marconi, hence the band name. However, their new recording “See the Thunder” boasts a brand new sound  and much stronger material. With Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt, Winger, Signal, Eric Clapton, etc) twiddling the knobs we are obviously going to get a very professional sound; and it does not disappoint.

See the Thunder” features 10 original tracks that demonstrates how the band have matured, with great teamwork and the key skills required to stand out of the crowd in today’s complicated music business. They have pulled this off so well that they have landed opening slots for such bands as Winger, Gotthard, White Lion, The Sweet, Molly Hatchet, Tyketto, Soul Doctor, Y&T, L.A. Guns, and House of Shakira. So they have already created a name for themselves by sheer determination.

From the opening chords of “Way 2 Go” we are in for a real treat, with driving guitars and thundering rhythms. Gabriele Gozzi’s lead vocals really set the whole thing off and the harmonies are so convincing it is hard to believe that we are not listening to a band from North America ! Their sound is so tight and they certainly have that finesse that we have recently found in bands like Gotthard. Check out the songs “The cross between the lines”, “Brand new day” and “Back on me” for a perfect hard rock outings, whilst “Cherry Blossom” is a good choice for ballad of the year. Markonee push all the right buttons and with this recording they have all the ingredients to go far in this competitive world of hard rock.


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