Câştigă ultimul album al trupei Dirty Shirt – SAME SHIRT DIFFERENT DAY

Metal Silvae Webzine & trupa Dirty Shirt va ofera ocazia de a castiga ultimul album al trupei, intitulat SAME SHIRT DIFFERENT DAY.

Tot ce trebuie să faceţi este să trimiteţi pe adresa metal_silvae@yahoo.com un e-mail cu răspunsul la următoarele întrebări:

Câte albume şi câte demos a lansat trupa de-a lungul existenţei?

Din ce proiect provin membrii trupei Dirty Shirt?

Răspunsul la aceste întrebări le puteţi găsi pe site-ul trupei: www.dirty-shirt.com E-mailul trimis trebuie să conţină şi următoarele date de identificare:

Nume şi prenume

Adresă de corespondenţă


Codul poştal


Câştigătorul va fi anunţat pe data de 12.03.2010 iar CD-ul va fi expediat chiar de către trupa Dirty Shirt.

Manifest, al doilea videoclip de pe albumul “Same Shirt Different Day”, ne arata un DIRTY SHIRT mult mai dark si revendicativ, fata de primul single Pitbull.

Versiunea lunga (ce include New Millennium):

Versiunea scurta:

Avem un câştigător pentru CD-ul Krepuskul – Umbre de Vise

În urma tragerii la sorţi, realizată de către Alexandru Dorofte – membru al trupei Krepuskul, avem un câştigător pentru CD-ul pus la bătaie în persoana lui Lazar Muresan.

CD-ul va fi trimis direct de către trupa Krepuskul la adresa specificată în e-mail.

Mulţumesc tuturor participanţilor.

Sper că o să vă placă viitorul concurs în care pun la bătaie cu ajutorul trupei Dirty Shirt, ultimul lor album.

Martisor Death Fest (Cluj) se muta in Roland Garros!

In urma imposibilitatii desfarurarii evenimentului in locatia anuntat anterior, organizatorii Martisor Death Fest din Cluj, 2 martie 2010 sunt nevoiti sa mute festivalul in clubul ROLAND GARROS, pe Str. Horea, nr 2.

Reamintim ca la acest festival vor participa:

– PARRICIDE (Chelm, Polonia – Death Metal / Grindcore)


– EUFOBIA (Sofia, Bulgaria – Old School Death Metal)


– ABUSIVENESS (Lublin, Polonia – Raw Black Metal)


– SPIRITUAL RAVISHMENT (Oradea, Romania – Post-nuclear Death / Grind Metal)


– KREPUSKUL (Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Experimental Death Metal)


– 13 RITUALS (Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Deathcore , Slam-death)


Intrare: 15 lei /10 lei pt domnisoare…si doamne 🙂

Asa ca, daca ati ramas cu restante la martisoare din 1 martie, va asteptam pe 2 sa va luati revansa fata de prietene, amante, mame, surori, soacre etc. Iar pt domnisoare, faceti-va cadou singure un martisor de tinut minte:)

Be there and BE MAD!

Mai multe informatii se gasesc la http://krepuskul.com/martisorfest

Anul acesta 8 Martie vine mai devreme!

Sambata 6 Martie 2010, ora 19.00 Casa de Cultura – Busteni , „Stay Metal Forever!” si „OST Group International” organizeaza un concert special pentru toate ROCKERITELE  si nu numai:


True Mind


Highlight Kenosis

Dragi rockeri, va asteptam in numar mare sa petrecem impreuna cu fetele, in avampremiera, pentru ca stim cu totii ce urmeaza pe 9 Martie.


Biletele vor costa 20 lei si se pot achizitiona de la intrare in ziua concertului.

Lansare oficială DIRTY SHIRT “Same Shirt Different Day”

Dupa cele doua videoclipuri “Pitbull” si “Manifest”, saptamana trecuta a avut loc lansarea oficiala a noului album DIRTY SHIRT, prin turneul Dirty Tour (18 – 28 februarie).

Pentru a puncta evenimentul, cate o piesa de pe album a fost publicata zilnic pe pagina myspace oficiala www.myspace.com/dirtyshirt-ro pana joi 18 februarie, data primului concert.

Videoclipuri sunt prevazute pentru toate melodiile ce vor fi difuzate in aceasta perioada:

–         East West: un featuring cu 5 solisti din trupe franceze importante (Eths, Tripod, Babylon Pression, Sikh).

–         UB: prelucrarea industriala a celebrei “Cine iubeste si lasa”

–         Gone

Mai multe informatii www.dirty-shirt.com

Chemistry Room – Butterfly Effect Review

Chemistry Room - Butterfly Effect


1. Captured by this game
2. Butterfly effect
3. The flow of time
4. Cross and flag
5. The dawn forgets the night
6. Madness
7. A dream without sleep
8. Cristalline
9. Fall out

Here is a band coming from Italy and full of surprises. Chemistry Room was born on september 2008 from an idea of Fabrizio Amilcare (guitar), Dario Battiston (bass) and Gilberto Miglioranza (vocal).

As Stefano Gasparotto (drums) and Piercarlo Favro (lead guitar) joined the band, they started making noise with some gigs. They even participated in the Festintenda 2009 – Mortegliano UD festival.

A few months after the kick-off of the band, they completed the line up with Vittorio Manzan on keyboards in order to create a different sound. An what sound it is…pure melodic power metal madness, a very mature sound, full of aggressive guitar riffs and melodic lead vocals. Every song is unpredictable. You surely will not get bored.

If you can get your hands on a copy of this CD play first the sixth song, “Madness“. I think is the best song on the entire CD. So full of energy and power. It’s much more aggressive than the rest. My kind of music 🙂

Another good song is “A dream without sleep”, a ballad combining piano and the soft voice of Gilberto. At some moments I wondered if another voice (of a woman) was singing with him.

Add to all of this the great cover artwork made by Travis Smith (who also signer covers for Metallica, Opeth or Nevermore) and you’ll have a hit.

I would not expect this to come from a new comer. Don’t really know them and I can’t say if they have previous experience in other bands, but I know one thing: Nuclear Blast, Nightmare Records, Massacre Records you would better sign them now if you want to release a hit from the start.

5 out of 5

Chemistry Room - Butterfly Effect

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/chemistryroom

Chemistry room The flow of time

Chemistry Room studio session


Acest interviu a fost luat trupei Anthenora acum aproximativ 5 ani – 6 ani.

Q1:Hail. Say for the Romanian rockers a short history of your band.

A1: The five pieces-band, Anthenora, was born in 1990 as a classic heavy metal band under a deep influence of metal masters as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Saxon. The monicker of the band has been inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divina Commedia”: it’s a part of the “Inferno” (ch. XXXII).

In 1992 and 1993 we released 2 demo tapes called “Bring me to hell” and “Heretical Symphonies”, recorded at the Dracma Studios of Turin.From 1995 the band played a great number of gigs in Italy either as original-songs-band or as Iron Maiden Tribute band, becoming one of the best italian maiden tribute band. In the last years the band has played all around Italy from north to south,increasing considerably the number of fans with powerful shows, opening also the gigs of Paul Di Anno (ex maiden singer), the italian power band Domine (www.domine.it) and kiko Loureiro (Angra’s guitarist).
The strong belief in the change of the band and the support of the estimators, led Anthenora to enter again in stuido. The new ep, called “The general’s awakening”, has been recorded at Remaster Studios Vicenza (Italy) on aprile 2002 and produced by Tony “mad” Fontò, leader of the well known italian metal band White Skull (www.whiteskull.it). In november 2002 and in april 2003, Anthenora have played with Nicko Mc Brain – The drummer of the “Beast”- on his Tour in Italy, playing with him on 7 gigs through the country.

Steeve Balocco, the bass player, plays also with Boroken Arrow, a band led by Nick Savio, White Skull’ s lead guitarist, and has recorded a song with the italian band Power Symphony” (www.powersymphony.com).

Q2:I’ve heard some of your songs in 1997. I don’t remember what songs. Do you continue with your style from the ’80?

A2: Really? Where? Were they tunes from “Demons”?Yes, of course we continue in our 80’ style. We’re musically born in the 80’, we lived in the 80’ and…….we’ll die in the 80’! ah.ah.ah. We try to keep the faith alive!! Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I’m just jocking!!!!Speaking seriously, our style is strongly influenced from the 80’s.

Q3:What bands influenced you and your music?

A3: Each of us has been influenced by different bands, even if all of them came from the 80’.Stefano Pomero (guitar) is a child of Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath. He likes a lot bands such as Gamma Ray, Helloween, Rage and Grave Digger. He is virtually “born” in Germany!!
Gabriele Bruni (guitar) is the man that in the band is more openminded to the different kinds of metal music. He likes very much old bands such as Saxon, but also new bands like System of a down and all th enew metal scene. Luigi Bonansea (vocals) is a great fan of Iron Maiden, Helloween, Queensryche and Queen.Stefano Balocco (bass) and me, Fabio Smareglia (drums), are devoted to all the new wave of British heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest first of all).

Q4:Describe your music in one word. Why do you think that word is suitable for you?

A4: Classic Heavy metal is the right word to describe our kind of music, cause we don’t use keyboards and we have a powerful, not to fast way of play metal.

AnthenoraQ5: You’re a top band. How do you stay there?

A5: Don’t exagerate! We’re only one of the millions of bands that play in the world of the “fucking steel”!

Q6: What metal style is most used in Italy?

A6: In the last years the Italian metal scene has been dominated by the so called Italian speed or symphonic metal. The great success of bands like Rhapsody, Domine, Labyrinth has created a path for a lot of bands playing power or speed metal. Our music is a little bit different, is more similar to the classic english or deutsch classic metal (Saxon , Judas Priest, Rage).

Q7: The new bands, to get a contract with a label, must renounce to a lot of things. Have you ever been asked to change something in your music? If so, what?

A7: We haven’t ever accepted compromises. But this does not mean that we have never changed. But we’ve changed just one thing in our music: we developed our music personality. In the past, if you heard our first works as “Heretical symphonies” and “Demon’s”, you could find in the songs a strong influence from Iron Maiden. Then, we grew up and we changed something in our sound and in our way of making music. Now, our songs have a strong Anthenora’s trademark.

Q8: What do you think about the new heavy metal bands? They have a more commercial style?

A8: Well, I don’t think that the new metal bands have a more commercial style. Simply they have a different style. I don’t like some new kind of metal as the so called “new-metal”, I prefer the classic way to play metal. But it’s only my personal position. Among Anthenora, for example, Gabriele Bruni likes very much the new metal scene.

AnthenoraQ9: Do you feel threaten by them?

A9: No. The music universe is wide enough for all!

Q10: Explain me your name, please. What does it mean?

A10: You Know, Anthenora is name taken from the most important work of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, The “Divina Commedia”. In this work, Anthenora is one of the circle of hell, a place of “Inferno” (hell), one of the three reign beyond life described by the italian writer Dante Alighieri.

We liked the sound of this name and so we have decide to use it for our band, not giving to this word a special meaning. The name Anthenora could you remind hell, but it’s only a word. We are not a satanic band as someone could think.

AnthenoraQ11: Do you have any distro’s in Romania? Where can we buy your cd’s?

A11: No, up to now, we have no distro in Romania, so to buy our cd’s the metal fanatics could contact us by mail at info@anthenora.com or write us at the address Anthenora c/o Fabio Smareglia, C.so Piemonte 94/a, 12037 SALUZZO (Cn), Italy.

Q12: Can you tell me the line of your last album?

A12: Well, our last work is the ep called “The general’s awakening”. The cd includes 4 songs: Planet jail, Dark Horizon, The saviour and Gemini. The style is, as i said before, classic heavy metal with english and deutsch influences. The ep is the prologue to our next full length album that we’ll start to record the next September with Tony Fontò from White Skull as producer.The songs of the ep “The general’s awakening” could be downloaded from our website at http://www.anthenora.com.

AnthenoraQ13: How was it received by the Italian rockers?

A13: The ep has been received very well not only from the Italian fans, but also from the webzines and fanzine of Europe and North America as you can read on our website.

Q14: Where did you had your last gig? Was the atmosphere set on fire?

A14: Now we’re preparing the songs of our new full length album that will be called “The dark alliance” and so our last gig goes back to the last april on Rome during the tour we did with Iron Maiden’s drummer Nicko Mc Brain. In fact, after the experience did the last year on November, he came in Italy again to play with Anthenora some gigs trough our country on his Total Mc Brain damage. As you could think, it was a fantastic experience. Nicko is a great musician, but also a great man. We all have learnt a lot of things from him not only as musicians but also as men.

Q15: Thanks for this interview. Any last words?

A15: Yes, thanks a lot to Metal Silvae and to all the metal headbangers from Romania. We hope to see you soon dear “brothers in hell”!


Armageddon in the Park – Anthenora – fear of the dark

Anthenora – Dream Catcher