ESCAPE MUSIC News: N.O.W. – Force Of Nature & JAYCE LANDBERG – Good Sleepless Night

N.O.W. – Force Of Nature / release: 19.02.2010

Featuring PHILIP VARDOWELL (ex-Peter Criss, Ace Frehley from KISS, ex-Beach Boys, ex-Unruly Child)!

Alec Mendonça is the mastermind behind N.O.W.. He joined forces with stellar Brazilian Keyboardist Jean Barros and after 3 months Alec put down 12 songs! Together they got vocalist Philip Bardowell in their band who loved the songs so much that he decided to sing the songs for Alec.

Philip said and I quote : ”Alec, I’ll pour my heart into your songs” and by what you hear on this album, you can be sure he did! Guitarist Carlos Ivan brought a touch of uniqueness to the album as well, making his guitar lines sound vintage but current at the same time.

All the songs reflect some stories that happened in my life or in the life of people I miss or lost.

Good hard rock!

JAYCE LANDBERG – Good Sleepless Night / release: 19.02.2010

The new release “Good Sleepless Night” sees Jayce effortlessly turning out fantastic tunes and beautiful guitar passages backed up with a great rhythm section and, of course, Goran Edman and Mark Boals (track 8 – Invasion) handling vocals. The inclusion of John Leven ( Europe ) on bass is the icing on the cake. Jayce has matured into a great guitar player and songwriter and this new release is a magnificent showcase of his talents, undoubtedly a great start to 2010.

Erik Jayce Landberg: All guitars & Steinway piano.
Göran Edman: All vocals & background vocals (except on track 8).
Jens Bock: Drums (except on track 7, 9 & 10).
Chistian Pettersson: Bass (except on track 2, 8 & 10).

Additional musicians:
John Leven ( Europe ): Bass on “The Devil’s Wine”, “Invasion” & “Abduction”.
Mark Boals (ex Yngwie Malmsteen): Vocals and background vocals on “Invasion”.


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