Chemistry Room – Butterfly Effect Review

Chemistry Room - Butterfly Effect


1. Captured by this game
2. Butterfly effect
3. The flow of time
4. Cross and flag
5. The dawn forgets the night
6. Madness
7. A dream without sleep
8. Cristalline
9. Fall out

Here is a band coming from Italy and full of surprises. Chemistry Room was born on september 2008 from an idea of Fabrizio Amilcare (guitar), Dario Battiston (bass) and Gilberto Miglioranza (vocal).

As Stefano Gasparotto (drums) and Piercarlo Favro (lead guitar) joined the band, they started making noise with some gigs. They even participated in the Festintenda 2009 – Mortegliano UD festival.

A few months after the kick-off of the band, they completed the line up with Vittorio Manzan on keyboards in order to create a different sound. An what sound it is…pure melodic power metal madness, a very mature sound, full of aggressive guitar riffs and melodic lead vocals. Every song is unpredictable. You surely will not get bored.

If you can get your hands on a copy of this CD play first the sixth song, “Madness“. I think is the best song on the entire CD. So full of energy and power. It’s much more aggressive than the rest. My kind of music 🙂

Another good song is “A dream without sleep”, a ballad combining piano and the soft voice of Gilberto. At some moments I wondered if another voice (of a woman) was singing with him.

Add to all of this the great cover artwork made by Travis Smith (who also signer covers for Metallica, Opeth or Nevermore) and you’ll have a hit.

I would not expect this to come from a new comer. Don’t really know them and I can’t say if they have previous experience in other bands, but I know one thing: Nuclear Blast, Nightmare Records, Massacre Records you would better sign them now if you want to release a hit from the start.

5 out of 5

Chemistry Room - Butterfly Effect


Chemistry room The flow of time

Chemistry Room studio session


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