Seasons Of The Wolf – News

Hope all is good in your neck of the woods!

Here are some new things we have going on in the Internet World.

* YOUTUBE – SOTW Music video for song Abandoned City is now uploaded on

our youtube page. Most clips for this video are from a show at Boomerz Nightclub -Clearwater, FL 1997.

*FACEBOOK – Seasons Of The Wolf is now on facebook. We have uploaded hundreds of photos of the band and fans all the way back to 1988. This is the largest archive of SOTW photos on the internet! Join us there! There may be photos of you there too! If not – send us your photo sporting SOTW swag and we shall get it on up on there!!

* IMRADIO – We recently uploaded SOTW songs Interstellar, Transmission, Nikhedonia, and Ghost Woman on this new internet radio station.

*MYSPACE – Junkyard Rehearsal Studio – In the past year we have opened up the SOTW rehearsal studio for other bands in our area to rent. Now with at least 5 bands booked each week we have a new page on myspace and several photos of the bands that practice here.


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