Shadowside post European tour report on MySpace – 250.000 people watched the band’s performance on TV in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brazilian metallers Shadowside posted on MySpace a complete tour report with details of the trip, the concerts and fun moments around their performances on Rockin’ Transilvania, that took place in the Castle Bran, worldwide known as Dracula’s Castle in Romania, and Banja Luka Rock Open Air, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, broadcasted live on TV RTRS (Radio Televizija Republike Srpske) to about 250.000 viewers.

Speaking about the shows in support of the Dare to Dream album, recently released in Europe and Japan under S4/NL Distribution, singer Dani Nolden is clear as to how intense these two concerts were.

On Rockin’ Transilvania we were greeted by a screaming crowd of very intense Metal fans! I could not believe how much they were headbanging, I guess some people got severe neck pain on the day after! On Banja Luka Rock Open Air, we were welcomed on stage by a crazy crowd, screaming EVERY word of our songs. They knew them all, by heart. It was an amazing surprise and I wouldn’t even have to sing, because they were singing for me *laughs*… We left the stage, planning to really end the show there, but heard the screams requesting and encore and decided to give them what they wanted – as well as keep our fun going for a little longer! We left the stage in ecstasy...”.

Also, Shadowside have been active on Twitter and Facebook. To check out the latest band news, visit and In the upcoming weeks, Shadowside will announce details about the recordings of a new album and possibly new tourdates.

View the complete tour report with pictures at



Black Rose” is the second single from Derdian’s New Era Part III “The Apocalypse”

Italian Power-Metal band “Derdian” debut their second single from New Era Part III The Apocalypse with a music video for “Black Rose” which can be watched on Youtube and on Magna Carta Records’ website homepage.  The Apocalypse is the third installment in The New Era series, a story that chronicles the plight of the people of a distant mystical land, Derdian.  The clash of good and evil, the rise and fall of kings, and the like are all themes explored by Derdian.  Creating an epic tale such as the Odyssey or Clash of the Titans, Derdian’s story telling and thematic music is only rivaled by such bands as Coheed and Cambria.

Derdian’s musical rumblings mirror the plotline’s literal “rumble” between the gods and men. Though they number only six — Joe Caggianelli (vocals), Henry Enrico Pistolese (guitars and background vocals), Marco Garau (keyboards), Dario Radaelli (guitar), Marco Banfi (bass), Salvatore Giordanno (drums) – Derdian creates a veritable symphony of Gothic and classical metal.

Layered with melodic complexity and shifting tempos, The Apocalypse reveals itself to be tightly constructed, even visionary, offering variations on a musical theme. Songs such as “The Spell”, “Battleplan”, “Her Spirit Will Fly Away”, “Black Rose”, “Revolt” and “Forevermore” (featuring special guest vocalist/flautist Lisy Stefanoni of Evenoire) incorporate a myriad of musical elements that’s made Derdian one of the metal world’s strongest new talents;  blazing beats, classically influenced piano riffs, soaring melodies, strong and operatic vocals and intricate but accessible guitar lines.

In New Era Part 3: The Apocalypse, Derdian’s time has come, so take a listen.  For more information and to check out the music video for ‘Black Rose’ please follow the links below.

‘Black Rose’ on YouTube
Derdian Artist Page

Release Date: Available Now


1. Intro – 1:48
2. The Spell – 5:59
3. Battleplan – 5:04
4. Black Rose – 4:26
5. Her Spirit Will Fly Again – 5:42
6. Dreams – 5:18
7. Divine Embrace – 5:23
8. The Prophecy – 4:50
9. Burn – 4:56
10. Forevermore – 6:24
11. Revolt – 6:23
12. Presagio – 2:33
13. The Apocalypse – 6:26

Ce faceti in weekend? Mergem la Dirty Fest?

Iata programul festivalului Dirty Fest, ce se va desfasura la Seini (Maramures), in perioada 30-31 iulie


Concerte, 18h30-24h00
Stand Alone
Ultimu Nivel


Rock Party 14h00-18h00
Motor Show organizat de cluburile Viking si Eagle Bikers
Concurs “Air Guitar”

Concerte, 18h30-24h00
Dirty Shirt

BILETE 15 Lei/Zi, 25 Lei/Festival (20 Lei cu rezervare)
Biletele se pot cumpara direct la festival

Rezervari pana joi 29 iulie, prin email la
(nume, prenume, oras, persoane)

Liceul “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”




Femme Metal Records releases their third compilation “Beauty and Brutality”

Femme Metal Records proudly announces the release of their third compilation CD entitled ‘Beauty and Brutality’  The compilation features 31 tracks from the finest femme metal bands around the globe and is scheduled for release October 25th.  All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK!!!!!.

Track listing

CD 1

ReVamp – “Head Up High”

Exilia – “No Tears For You”

DAMA – “Rainy Roads”

Magion – “War Of Hearts”

Soulmaker – “A Vide”

The Mary Major – “Morning Sickness”

Disdained – “Longing For Serenity”

Asrai – “Stay With Me”

Crownless – “Lost Inside”

re-Vision – “Shapeless”

Infinite Tales – “Running Away”

One Without – “Withered Serenade”

Aperion – “Shine”

Reactive Black – “Thoughts”

Apparition – “Elysium”

Triaxis – “Gates Of Damnation”

CD 2

Epica – “Unleashed”

DEADMANSWAKE – “Back To Blood”

Vanity Ink – “Smell The Party”

Seven Kingdoms – “Somewhere Far Away”

Diva Suicide – “Crystals”

Exoterik – “Butterfly In Your Hand”

Özge Özkan – “My Cold One”

Kivimetsän Druidi – “Jäässä Varttunut”

VIRUS IV – “Frightening Lanes”

Solsikk – “Volatile Territory”

Dimlight – “Absence Of Light”

Raven Tide – “Doom Reveil”

A New Dawn – “Masque Of The Red Death”

Velvet Seal – “Inner Guillotine”

Ex Libris – “Destined”

A release party is scheduled to take place in the UK late October.  Stay tuned to the Femme Metal website for more details coming soon!

Forever’s Edge releases “Chaotic Silence”

Fresh on the power metal scene, Forever’s Edge, formed by guitarist Salvatore Pisano, is supported by a power house of musicians including keyboardist Mike Khalilov (EMPYREON, REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE), singer Clay Barton (SUSPYRE), bassist Andrew Distabile (SUSPYRE), and drummer Frank Godla (EMPYREON, DIVIDING LIGHT). Female guest vocals are done by Sharon MacPherson.

As early as 2006, Salvatore Pisano started writing songs for their first album “Chaotic Silence”. In 2008, with the bar raised and the production value substantially increased, “Chaotic Silence” began its evolution. Forever’s Edge music appeals to fans of Evergrey, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Adagio, Serenity, and Suspyre.

“Chaotic Silence” showcases the usual power metal formula with a touch of progressive orchestration done by Gregg Rossetti (SUSPYRE). The album was produced and mixed by Erypsus Studios in Flemington, New Jersey.

Sal Pisano gives us insight into the album’s creation, “Chaotic Silence is an overture, not simply of music but of life. Conceptual, it is a collection of stories that metaphorically create a semblance of experiences we as people go through: triumph, dissatisfaction, mourning, joy, love, and hate.”

The band is already writing and producing their second album and hope to play gigs around the world in support of their music.

Nightmare Records welcomes SEVEN KINGDOMS to the fold

Nightmare Records would like to welcome Florida-based female-fronted power metallers SEVEN KINGDOMS to the fold. Recently Nightmare records inked a deal with Seven Kingdoms to release their upcoming “self titled” album Seven Kingdoms due to hit streets July 13th worldwide via Nightmare Records and associated distribution partners.

Nightmare Records owner and prog power vocalist Lance King was impressed with the bands vocal siren Sabrina Valentine, her unique, warm and melancholic melodic sense combined with this speedy power metal band  should please fans that are into the sound of Evanesence, Nightwish, Iced Earth, Within Temptation, Epica and Blind Guardian. Seven Kingdoms was formed in Deland, Florida in 2007 by Camden Cruz and Bryan Edwards. After forming the bands initial lineup they entered  Morrisound Recording Studios in August 2007 they finished production on their debut self financed independent release, “Brothers of the Night”  lyrically inspired from the literary works of George R. Martin.

Playing shows throughout the southeastern region of the United States, the band share the stage with bands Sonata Arctica, The Agonist, Stephen Pearcey, Circle II Circle. In 2009 the band solidified their lineup and the new and improved Seven Kingdoms finished their self titled sophomore effort again at the well known Morrisound Studios.

Un nou festival in aer liber: Dirty Fest, Seini, Maramures

In perioada 30-31 iulie, va avea loc la Seini (judetul Maramures) festivalul Dirty Fest.

Trupe confirmate

Dirty Shirt

Ultimu Nivel
Stand Alone

Festivalul se va derula in aer liber, la liceul Ion Ionescu de la Brad

15 Lei/Zi, 25 Lei/Festival (20 Lei cu rezervare)
Biletele se pot cumpara direct la festival

Rezervari pana joi 29 iulie, prin email la (nume, prenume, oras, persoane)

– camping gratuit
– dusuri
– toalete