Femme Metal Records releases their third compilation “Beauty and Brutality”

Femme Metal Records proudly announces the release of their third compilation CD entitled ‘Beauty and Brutality’  The compilation features 31 tracks from the finest femme metal bands around the globe and is scheduled for release October 25th.  All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK!!!!!.

Track listing

CD 1

ReVamp – “Head Up High”

Exilia – “No Tears For You”

DAMA – “Rainy Roads”

Magion – “War Of Hearts”

Soulmaker – “A Vide”

The Mary Major – “Morning Sickness”

Disdained – “Longing For Serenity”

Asrai – “Stay With Me”

Crownless – “Lost Inside”

re-Vision – “Shapeless”

Infinite Tales – “Running Away”

One Without – “Withered Serenade”

Aperion – “Shine”

Reactive Black – “Thoughts”

Apparition – “Elysium”

Triaxis – “Gates Of Damnation”

CD 2

Epica – “Unleashed”

DEADMANSWAKE – “Back To Blood”

Vanity Ink – “Smell The Party”

Seven Kingdoms – “Somewhere Far Away”

Diva Suicide – “Crystals”

Exoterik – “Butterfly In Your Hand”

Özge Özkan – “My Cold One”

Kivimetsän Druidi – “Jäässä Varttunut”

VIRUS IV – “Frightening Lanes”

Solsikk – “Volatile Territory”

Dimlight – “Absence Of Light”

Raven Tide – “Doom Reveil”

A New Dawn – “Masque Of The Red Death”

Velvet Seal – “Inner Guillotine”

Ex Libris – “Destined”

A release party is scheduled to take place in the UK late October.  Stay tuned to the Femme Metal website for more details coming soon!  www.FemmeMetal.net


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