Forever’s Edge releases “Chaotic Silence”

Fresh on the power metal scene, Forever’s Edge, formed by guitarist Salvatore Pisano, is supported by a power house of musicians including keyboardist Mike Khalilov (EMPYREON, REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE), singer Clay Barton (SUSPYRE), bassist Andrew Distabile (SUSPYRE), and drummer Frank Godla (EMPYREON, DIVIDING LIGHT). Female guest vocals are done by Sharon MacPherson.

As early as 2006, Salvatore Pisano started writing songs for their first album “Chaotic Silence”. In 2008, with the bar raised and the production value substantially increased, “Chaotic Silence” began its evolution. Forever’s Edge music appeals to fans of Evergrey, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Adagio, Serenity, and Suspyre.

“Chaotic Silence” showcases the usual power metal formula with a touch of progressive orchestration done by Gregg Rossetti (SUSPYRE). The album was produced and mixed by Erypsus Studios in Flemington, New Jersey.

Sal Pisano gives us insight into the album’s creation, “Chaotic Silence is an overture, not simply of music but of life. Conceptual, it is a collection of stories that metaphorically create a semblance of experiences we as people go through: triumph, dissatisfaction, mourning, joy, love, and hate.”

The band is already writing and producing their second album and hope to play gigs around the world in support of their music.


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