Black Rose” is the second single from Derdian’s New Era Part III “The Apocalypse”

Italian Power-Metal band “Derdian” debut their second single from New Era Part III The Apocalypse with a music video for “Black Rose” which can be watched on Youtube and on Magna Carta Records’ website homepage.  The Apocalypse is the third installment in The New Era series, a story that chronicles the plight of the people of a distant mystical land, Derdian.  The clash of good and evil, the rise and fall of kings, and the like are all themes explored by Derdian.  Creating an epic tale such as the Odyssey or Clash of the Titans, Derdian’s story telling and thematic music is only rivaled by such bands as Coheed and Cambria.

Derdian’s musical rumblings mirror the plotline’s literal “rumble” between the gods and men. Though they number only six — Joe Caggianelli (vocals), Henry Enrico Pistolese (guitars and background vocals), Marco Garau (keyboards), Dario Radaelli (guitar), Marco Banfi (bass), Salvatore Giordanno (drums) – Derdian creates a veritable symphony of Gothic and classical metal.

Layered with melodic complexity and shifting tempos, The Apocalypse reveals itself to be tightly constructed, even visionary, offering variations on a musical theme. Songs such as “The Spell”, “Battleplan”, “Her Spirit Will Fly Away”, “Black Rose”, “Revolt” and “Forevermore” (featuring special guest vocalist/flautist Lisy Stefanoni of Evenoire) incorporate a myriad of musical elements that’s made Derdian one of the metal world’s strongest new talents;  blazing beats, classically influenced piano riffs, soaring melodies, strong and operatic vocals and intricate but accessible guitar lines.

In New Era Part 3: The Apocalypse, Derdian’s time has come, so take a listen.  For more information and to check out the music video for ‘Black Rose’ please follow the links below.

‘Black Rose’ on YouTube
Derdian Artist Page

Release Date: Available Now


1. Intro – 1:48
2. The Spell – 5:59
3. Battleplan – 5:04
4. Black Rose – 4:26
5. Her Spirit Will Fly Again – 5:42
6. Dreams – 5:18
7. Divine Embrace – 5:23
8. The Prophecy – 4:50
9. Burn – 4:56
10. Forevermore – 6:24
11. Revolt – 6:23
12. Presagio – 2:33
13. The Apocalypse – 6:26


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