Shadowside post European tour report on MySpace – 250.000 people watched the band’s performance on TV in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brazilian metallers Shadowside posted on MySpace a complete tour report with details of the trip, the concerts and fun moments around their performances on Rockin’ Transilvania, that took place in the Castle Bran, worldwide known as Dracula’s Castle in Romania, and Banja Luka Rock Open Air, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, broadcasted live on TV RTRS (Radio Televizija Republike Srpske) to about 250.000 viewers.

Speaking about the shows in support of the Dare to Dream album, recently released in Europe and Japan under S4/NL Distribution, singer Dani Nolden is clear as to how intense these two concerts were.

On Rockin’ Transilvania we were greeted by a screaming crowd of very intense Metal fans! I could not believe how much they were headbanging, I guess some people got severe neck pain on the day after! On Banja Luka Rock Open Air, we were welcomed on stage by a crazy crowd, screaming EVERY word of our songs. They knew them all, by heart. It was an amazing surprise and I wouldn’t even have to sing, because they were singing for me *laughs*… We left the stage, planning to really end the show there, but heard the screams requesting and encore and decided to give them what they wanted – as well as keep our fun going for a little longer! We left the stage in ecstasy...”.

Also, Shadowside have been active on Twitter and Facebook. To check out the latest band news, visit and In the upcoming weeks, Shadowside will announce details about the recordings of a new album and possibly new tourdates.

View the complete tour report with pictures at


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