Empty Tremor sign to SG Records

SG Records is pleased to announce that Empty Tremor join the family and it will publish the fourth album by the well known Italian prog metal band.
Empty Tremor come back after several years of stop, that raised fans expectation and curiosity, also after Liverani left the band. Giò De Luigi, the singer of the first two band’s albums, replace Hartmann.
Iridium, the new album, marks the renewal but not a revolution in Empty Tremor, and it will be published next October.

Empty Tremorwww.emptytremor.comwww.myspace.com/emptytremor
SG Records: www.sgrecords.it


Malignant Tumour “And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There…” 2xCD out now in Selfmadegod Records

A double disc spanning 96 songs from the early days of the cult band from Czech Republic. From an extremely brutal and most violent, sick pathological goregrind inspired by early CARCASS, DEAD INFECTION, REGURGITATE, SQUASH BOWELS to socially aware mincecore/grind in the vein of AGATHOCLES.

And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002” includes: two songs from 1992 rehearsal, “Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites” demo 1993, “Symphonies For Pathologist” demo 1994, “Killing For Profit” demo 1997, “Analyse Of Pathological Conceptions” demo 1995, split 7″ inches with DECOMPOSED, IMMURED, MASTIC SCUM, INGROWING, AGATHOCLES, UNHOLY GRAVE, 4-way split 7″ w/ C.U.M., C.S.S.O., NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE, split CD’s with SQUASH BOWELS and ALIENATION MENTAL (“Equality?!?” 7″EP), “Dawn of a New Age“, live recordings from 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, unreleased live and studio tracks as well as tons of pictures and info on 12-page booklet.

This is A MUST HAVE for all fans of pathological goregrind and grindcore from Eastern Europe

Malignant Tumourwww.malignanttumour.com – www.myspace.com/malignanttumour
Selfmadegod Recordshttp://www.selfmadegod.com

Agathocles “Obey Their Rules” cd in Teriak Records

Most beautiful release in the mid of the year’s for you noise lovers, a new studio LP (around 25 minutes) It’s a Total Raw Dark D-beat Like SVART PARAD, ANTI BOFORS, DNA, DISASTER.!! +++ Bonus inside Audio CD : a live video (40 minutes) taken from a show were in Chile in the year 2007, additional bonuses in the form of moving images captured on a video file taken from their photo collections and some gigs flyers, plus extra limited sticker + patch + button… you will be surprised!!

Prices Per Pcs ( ppd with Jewel Cases )
::: Indonesia / Asia / Europe / World
– IDR 35.000 / US$ 7 / Euros 6 / US$ 9

Prices Per Pcs ( ppd without Jewel Cases ) :
::: Indonesia / Asia / Europe / World
– IDR 35.000 / US$ 6 / Euros 5 / US$ 7

15 pcs to around asia & australia = US$ 50
15 pcs to around europe = 50 euros
15 pcs to around the world = US$ 60
35 pcs to around asia & australia = US$ 100
35 pcs to around europe = 90 euros
35 pcs to around the world = US$ 110

also available :
AGATHOCLES “Obey Their Rules” – T-Shirt
Plastisol Screen Inks printed on Cotton Shirts
Prices ( included ppd ) :
::: Indonesia / Asia / Europe / World
– IDR 65.000 / US$ 13 / Euros 12 / US$ 17

Teriak Recordswww.teriakrecords.com – www.myspace.com/teriak

Decapitated “Organic Hallucinosis” Ltd Edtn Gatefold Vinyl in Earache Records

First Time On Vinyl Decapitated ‘Organic Hallucinosis’ Limited Edition Gatefold Coloured Vinyl LP.

Vinyl Colours:

200 x Stainless Grey
300 x Organic Green
900 x Black

Sales Points:

* Landmark Death Metal classic from DECAPITATED on strictly limited edition vinyl for the first time.
* This release is part of the ‘First Time on Vinyl’ campaign, plugging the gaps in the Earache catalogue previously unavailable on wax.
* Housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve with poster booklet
* ‘Organic Hallucinosis’ was released in 2006 and was the band’s first release with new vocalist Covan
* A hugely forward thinking and ambitious album, the record defined Decapitated’s sound and spawned a host of imitators in the technical and deathcore scenes.
* Decapitated were struck by tragedy while touring on ‘Organic Hallucinosis‘, when they were involved in a bus crash that killed drummer Vitek and left vocalist Covan with injuries so severe he has still yet to fully recover.
* Guitarist Vogg brought the band back to the live scene in 2010 and the band has several festival shows confirmed for the summer.

Also available from Decapitated:

WICK 011CDL Winds of Creation (w/bonus live DVD)
MOSH 255CD Nihility
MOSH 274CD The Negation
MOSH 321CD Organic Hallucinosis


Side A:
02. Day 69
03. Revelation Of Existence (the trip)
Side B:
05. Visual Delusion
06. Flash-B(L)Ack
07. Invisible Control

Decapitated: www.myspace.com/decapitated
Earache Records: www.earache.com

AVA INFERI are nearly done with the recording of forthcoming album

Portuguese doomsters AVA INFERI are nearly done with the recording sessions of their forthcoming fourth album! Mainman Rune Eriksen sent the following update:

These past times have been somewhat silent on these shores. No, or few updates have been uttered and well, doing things “undercover” has seemed like the fitting way to move forward this time. And mind you, things have been going well. We are happy to finally announce that the fundaments (meaning drums, bass and guitars) for eight brand new AVA INFERI trademark songs have been emanated and recorded in TopRoom Studio, Norway these past weeks. The vocals and additional adds will be taken care of here in Portugal in near future.

“The album, scheduled for an early 2011 release (on the one and only Season of Mist), has actually been ready for a while, at least in terms of compositions. But instead of doing the usual “rush” we have now used time to our advantage, ensuring nothing slips our attention. I actually remember I made the first riff for “By Candlelight & Mirrors”, one of the new songs, already back in March last year, giving the song more than a year to mature into what we feel is optimal.

“It might be a cliché to proclaim this these days, but we truly feel that this material is by far the most interesting and mature we have produced so far. And easily the rawest as well. It’s somewhat typical AVA INFERI, as I really believe we have our own brand of Gothic Doom by now, but it definitely has a few changes to it. The songs are more straightforward, some of them a tad shorter than expected from these shores (set aside “The Heathen Island”, which clocks in at approx 10 minutes), some downright spooky and dirty, others immeasurably dark even strangely beautiful, but most importantly, they all ooze of an all-consuming power. We really believe that with this album we have created the ultimate AVA INFERI record so far!

“I would also like to use the opportunity to welcome an addition to the coven, namely guitar player André Sobral. André has been on stage with us a couple of times already, and has proved himself worthy of membership. We now feel that the band is reinvigorated and most ready for bigger challenges, having found the important “equilibrium” on all levels. Album title, artworks, release dates et al will be revealed at a later stage, as well as other news concerning collaborators, etc.”

AVA INFERI’s fourth album, which title is yet to be revealed, has been scheduled for an early 2011 release.

DRUDKH’s forthcoming eighth album “Handful of Stars”

Handful of Stars“, DRUDKH’s forthcoming eighth album, will hit the shelves on September 20th. As for previous opus “Microcosmos“, a deluxe box-set version will be available with a bonus 3” CD and extra goodies! Here are the contents of this lush leather book, strictly limited to 600 copies:

  • Handful of Stars” in digipak format
  • Slavonian Chronicles” 3″ bonus CD, including two exclusive cover songs: “Indiánská Píseò Hrùzy” (MASTER’S HAMMER) and “Tam Gdzie Gaśnie Dzień” (SACRILEGIUM)
  • exclusive T-shirt
  • quill pen
  • writing ink

Pictures available soon!

Track list:

  1. Cold Landscapes
  2. Downfall of the Epoch
  3. Towards the Light
  4. Twilight Aureole
  5. The Day Will Come
  6. Listening to the Silence

ABORYM are back with their fifth album “Psychogrotesque”

Four years after the critically acclaimed “Generator“, Italian electro/post black metallers ABORYM are back with their fifth album! Set for a November 8th release, the new full-length is entitled “Psychogrotesque” and is made of one story, a single song written four-handedly by the band’s mastermind Malfeitor Fabban and talented new guitarist Hell:IO:Kabbalus.

ABORYM describe the album as a “realistic story about the horrific human aridity and its fragile impotence. A social metaphor, uncomfortable but very current, treated cynically by bassist-singer Fabban through a story set in a mental hospital, which suggests that he used his pen with an absolute commitment and the determination to keep off ABORYM from the banality and clichés both ideological/aptitudinal and musical that saturate the extreme metal scene“.

Psychogrotesque” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Fear No One Studios by Emiliano Natali, with the sound consulting of Marc Urselli (founder of Memory Lab and sound engineer for artists like JOHN ZORN, LAURIE ANDERSON, LOU REED, ERIC CLAPTON) at the prestigious Eastside Sound Studios in New York.