Decapitated “Organic Hallucinosis” Ltd Edtn Gatefold Vinyl in Earache Records

First Time On Vinyl Decapitated ‘Organic Hallucinosis’ Limited Edition Gatefold Coloured Vinyl LP.

Vinyl Colours:

200 x Stainless Grey
300 x Organic Green
900 x Black

Sales Points:

* Landmark Death Metal classic from DECAPITATED on strictly limited edition vinyl for the first time.
* This release is part of the ‘First Time on Vinyl’ campaign, plugging the gaps in the Earache catalogue previously unavailable on wax.
* Housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve with poster booklet
* ‘Organic Hallucinosis’ was released in 2006 and was the band’s first release with new vocalist Covan
* A hugely forward thinking and ambitious album, the record defined Decapitated’s sound and spawned a host of imitators in the technical and deathcore scenes.
* Decapitated were struck by tragedy while touring on ‘Organic Hallucinosis‘, when they were involved in a bus crash that killed drummer Vitek and left vocalist Covan with injuries so severe he has still yet to fully recover.
* Guitarist Vogg brought the band back to the live scene in 2010 and the band has several festival shows confirmed for the summer.

Also available from Decapitated:

WICK 011CDL Winds of Creation (w/bonus live DVD)
MOSH 255CD Nihility
MOSH 274CD The Negation
MOSH 321CD Organic Hallucinosis


Side A:
02. Day 69
03. Revelation Of Existence (the trip)
Side B:
05. Visual Delusion
06. Flash-B(L)Ack
07. Invisible Control

Earache Records:


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