SALUTE come flying back with a new recording hot on the heels of last year’s “Toy Soldier”

Mikael Erlandsson is one of the best singer/songwriters in Sweden today with a successful career as a solo artist, especially in Europe and Japan . He has such a distinctive husky voice and many will recognise as the lead vocalist and keyboards player for “Last Autumns Dream”.

Any fan of LAD will love Salute, simple because Mikael is the singer, but this band should be respected on its own merits as they are a breed apart when it comes to fantastic melodic rock.

Many already know that Martin Kronlund is a world class producer and guitar player and his work shows on this outstanding CD. Powerful harmonies, crunching guitars and beautiful keyboards are the order of the day. Imre Daun (Don Patrol, Gypsy Rose) is still on the drum stool and he plays his heart out. The addition of special guest Henrik Thomsen on Bass from the band Hope is a great touch and his contribution is excellent.

David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Sircle of Silence) also helps out with backing vocals.

The album “Heart Of The Machine” was released on September 24th 2010.


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