Fracture’s debut album Simple Chaos

Fracture pride themselves as being one of very few bands out of Australia to have delved into a genre of music that is vastly becoming popular. Ask the band and the will say that they would call their music “Metal” but composition of their music has it otherwise. It’s Progressive Metal!!

Fracture was formed in early 2007, after a meeting with a mutual friend that they had in common.

David Bellion on Vocals, Tony Markou on guitars. At first it was an exploration of ideas, sounds, experiments and various recordings that gave them the urge to create a unique sound. David, having sung in various metal bands through the years, most notably Neue Regel, Vaudxdvihl, and Star Chamber, brought forward a lot of new and exciting ideas, sounds, mixtures and shades of light and dark musical composition, with and exceptional ear for detail and perfection.

Tony, along the same lines, played in various bands through the years, in various genres. From Blues to hard rock and heavy metal. After years persisting with his passion, he realised that he needed to push his own boundaries and limits and start something fresh. Upon meeting David, it was an instantaneous realisation that they could really work well as a team, and create something they can honestly say is their best work to date.

Joined later by Mark Emblin on drums the band began working on their debut album,” Simple Chaos”.

Delivering a collaboration of musical styles, Emotion filled composition and lyrics, and a dynamic approach, FRACTURE has certainly created their masterpiece.


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