Paul D’Adamo releases his debut album Tell Me Something

Singer/Songwriter Paul D’Adamo of Irving, Texas, USA, releases his debut album Tell Me Something. Paul D’Adamo’s album features six remakes of Phil Collins and Genesis songs, three of Paul’s own songs and one song of the Philippino artist Jose Mari Chan.

Paul D’Adamo has produced his album together with Phil Collins’ keyboarder Brad Cole in studios in Los Angeles and Nashville. Among the artists that have contributed to the album, Paul has gathered no less than nine musicians who have played with Genesis and/or Phil Collins: Brad Cole (producer, keyboards), Chester Thompson (drums), Daryl Stuermer (guitar), Leland Sklar (bass guitar), Grammy winner Luis Conté (percussion), Gerald Albright (saxophone), Arnold McCuller (background vocals), Lynne Fiddmont (background vocals) and last but not least Amy Keys (background vocals).

The top notch musicianship on the album is further enhanced by Elton John’s drummer Charlie Morgan, Grammy winner Darlene Koldenhoven (background vocals), Grant Geissman (acoustic guitar), Daryl’s brother Duane Stuermer (bass guitar) and Tell Me Something cowriter Chris Remy (guitar).

With his debut album, Paul presents three of his own songs Woman Like You, Tell Me Something and Miss You.

On the Genesis and Phil Collins remakes, Paul’s fine choice of songs was focused on songs which he felt deserved more attention then they’ve received in the past. He gave these songs a fresh interpretation based on partly new arrangements. These are Long Long Way To Go, Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore und Please Don’t Ask, all written by Phil Collins as well as Entangled, Like It Or Not and Guide Vocal, written by other members of Genesis.

The album is complemented by Paul’s remake of the hit song Constant Change, of his friend, Philippino megastar Jose Mari Chan.

Thousands of Genesis/Phil Collins fans and fan communities worldwide have shown tremendous interest in the progression of Paul’s project through the internet, in particular on facebook.

Renowned documentary filmmaker/editor Erik Klein (Aerosmith, Meat Loaf ‘In search of Paradise’, has produced a documentary about the production of Paul’s album, titled Something To Tell, which is to also be released October 1st. A promo cutdown of Something To Tell is available on YouTube:

The album Tell Me Something will be released October 1st 2010.

Paul D’Adamo will be available in Germany on a promotional tour October 4-7th 2010.


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