APPEARANCE OF NOTHING’s new album “All Gods are Gone” launched next year

Swiss band Appearance of Nothing was founded 2004 by Pat Gerber (Vocals/Guitar), Yves Lüthi (Drums), Omar Cuna (Bass) and Marc Petralito (Keys). After a short experimental period the band began to write their own songs. Since then Pat and Omar both share the part as lead singers which adds additional variety to the songs.

In 2005 the first self-produced demo Behind Closed Doors was released, which gained a lot of positive reaction, so the band decided, together with their new lead guitarist Peter Berger, to take a big step forward. In 2008 WASTED TIME (ESM174) was released and the band engaged Markus Teske as producer who worked together with famous bands such as “Vanden Plas” and “Symphony X”. What we have with this highly acclaimed release is a very symphonic and highly enjoyable sound that brings together the best elements of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Saga and Vanden Plas. Arrangements are grand and lush with powerful keyboard passages and strutting guitars, all backed with a great rhythm section.

In the years 2008/2009 Appearance of Nothing concentrated on playing headliner shows, as well as shows as supporting act of GURD and at the Swiss RAW festival in front of 4000 people on the main stage.

It’s 2010 and Appearance of Nothing have a new recording: All Gods are Gone. The album has a considerably more aggressive and more modern attitude. Not only the sound but also the collaboration with vocalist Dan Swanö (ex Edge of Sanity/Nightingale). The first track Mirrors Eyes is actually a follow up to the song Man in the Mirror from Wasted Time. This is one seriously good recording, although with a more modern approach this new release should see the band attracting new fans as well as keeping their current fan base more than happy.

A truly epic release.


1-The Mirror’s Eyes 6.03

2- 2nd God 6.18

3-Sweet Enemy 9.00

4-Destination 9.10

5-The Call of Eve 5.17

6- …I said Silence 7.31

7 -The Rise and Fall of Nothing 4.56

Specials: feat. guests: Mike DeMeo (Riot & Masterplan), Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Aina, Kiske/Somerville), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine), Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), Doogie White (ex-Rainbow, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Spiritual Beggars)


Pat Gerber: Vocals / Guitar, Omar Cuna: Vocals / Bass Peter Berger: Lead Guitar, Marc Petralito: Keyboards, Yves Lüthi: Drums / Produced by Markus Teske, Bazement Studio & Marc Petralito

With Special guests appearance:

“The Mirror’s Eyes”, “… I said Silence” & “2nd God” death Vocals by Dan Swanö (ex Edge of Sanity/ Nightingale).

“Sweet Enemy” Lead Vocals by Devon Graves (ex Psychotic Waltz/ Deadsoul Tribe)


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