CHAINED – “Chained” out on December 3rd 2010

CHAINED is the latest of up and coming metal bands. Since the beginning in 2006 CHAINED’s goal has been to deliver thrashy groove metal in a blend of raw power, attitude and aggression combined with bluesy riffs and heavy grooves.

CHAINED has gained much recognition and received great reviews for their EP ‘Shattered Minds’ (2007) in Sweden, USA, Alaska, Austria, Australia, Germany and Italy and now their long awaited self-titled debut album is finally here.

CHAINED has been described as a mixture of PANTERA, METALLICA, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX with a slice of MOTORHEAD. Those of you who really like that dirty, groovy, old school thrash metal will love this debut album from CHAINED.


1. My Saviour, My Lord

2. Shattered Minds

3. Grateful Sinner

4. Tearing Down My Walls

5. Drained

6. Conquerors

7. Bought By Blood

8. Like A Rattlesnake

9. Bound For Glory

10. Can’t Have My Soul

11. The Weakest Are The Strongest

12. War Is Hate

13. Tearing Down My Walls (live & unplugged)


David Sandström – Vocals and guitars

Daniel Persson – Guitars

Jonas Stenlund – Bass (LAUDAMUS)

Stefan Nielsen – Drums and percussion





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