Hardcore Circus deliver great melodic hard rock with a lot of attitude. HARDCORE CIRCUS has a very strong line-up.

The act started out as a project in 2009. Joakim Bloohm (Randy Piper’s Animal) & Jorgen Bolmstad (Surround) had MOTLEY CRUE as a common denominator, and for years, they wanted to start a hard rock act with that kind of attitude. They began to write kick-ass songs and made a demo of 16 tracks. From that demo the duo began to pick songs for their debut-album “Wake Up Call“. 10 tracks made it.

Joakim Bloohm drummer of HARDCORE CIRCUS has been working with Chris Laney (Zan Clan, Randy Piper’s Animal, Chris Laney) on the album “Violent New Breed”, Randy Piper’s Animal (WASP). Bloohm is a hard hitting drummer with a lot of tattoos that gives him the perfect kick-ass rock n roll look.

Jorgen Bolmstad lead vocalists and rhythm guitar player. He’s one of the hardest touring artist in Sweden, touring under the pseudonym JOJJE. He also was the lead vocalist in the Swedish melodic rock act SURROUND. The album “Varje steg du tar” did very well in Japan and had great reviews in BURRN!!! Jorgen has been working with Thomas Vikstrom (Talk Of The Town, Therion, Candelmass, Brazen Abbot) whom did all of the harmony vocals on Surround album. Last Autumn’s Dreams vocalists Mikael Erlandsson wrote two of the songs on the album.

First to join HARDCORE CIRCUS was bass player, Nalley Pahlsson (Treat, Last Autumns Dream, Vindictiv, Therion). He brings power to the music and have a great attitude in his playing. Nalley also put the harmony vocals on the album, great voice!!!

Next to join was the super guitarist Carl-Johan Grimmark (Narnia, Rob Rock, Full Force, Saviour Machine & Divinefire). This guy really can play, his soul screams dirty rock n roll and he proves that he can play more than that neo-classic style that made him famous. That’s the line-up of Hardcore Circus!!!

To make everything a little more interesting Mats Levén (Yngwie J Malmsteen, Therion, Treat, Swedish Erotica, Southpaw) added all of the harmony vocals on the album, and what a voice he has, great complement to Jorgen & Nalley’s voices.

The album is recorded, mixed and produced by J.Bloohm & J.Bolmstad at Yokel Studio & Topz Recording Studio and mastered by Classe Persson CRP Recording.


1. She Goes Down

2. Queen Of Dirt

3. Under My Skin

4. Who I Am

5. Life

6. Hardcore Circus

7. Wake Up Call

8. Pain

9. Tattooed Junkie

10. Miracle

Specials: feat. Joakim Bloohm (Randy Piper’s Animal), Nalley Pahlsson (Treat, Therion, Last Autumn’s Dream, Vindictiv), C.J. Grimmark (Narnia, Rob Rock), Mats Levén (Yngwie J Malmsteen, Therion, Treat, Swedish Erotica)


Jorgen “Jojje” Bolmstad (Surround) – Lead Vocals & Rythm Guitars.

Joakim Bloohm (Randy Piper’s Animal) – Drums

Nalley Pahlsson (Treat, Therion, Last Autumn’s dream, Vindictiv) – Bass & backing vocals

C.J. Grimmark (Full Force, Narnia, Rob Rock) – Lead Guitars

Mats Levén (Yngwie J Malmsteen, Therion, Treat, Swedish Erotica) – Backing vocals

WEB: www.hardcorecircus.net

SilverSide Records in co-operation with Liljegren Records

WEB: www.liljegren-records.com


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