SATAN KLAUS METAL PARTY – 18 decembrie 2010

Maine, sambata 18 decembrie 2010, de la ora 18.00 va avea loc editia a patra a SATAN KLAUS METAL PARTY in Cage Club (Sos. Titulescu nr. 171, Bucuresti).
Vor canta:
  • AGATHOCLES (mincecore grindfathers – Belgia),
  • THE ARSON PROJECT (fast grindcore hc – Suedia),
  • MEDIOCRACY (crustcore downtempo sludge – Bucuresti),
  • EUFOBIA (BG death thrash metal),
  • COPROSTASIS (BG grindcore punk),
  • MIZERERE (BG gore grind death),
  • DAYS BEFORE DISAPPEARANCE (deathcore death metal – Bucuresti).
Bilete 25 lei (primele 50) / 35 lei (standard). Afterparty pana dimineata!
Stand Bestial Records la concert (CDuri, tricouri, cadouri).


BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA – “Lift Me Out” out on 21 January 2011

BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA (BMSO) started in September 2006 and in 2008 the first full length album came, “A change“. 2009 BMSO transformed in to a new creation. With three new members and some changes in constellation they automatically had become a new band. This also changed the music style a bit and in 2010, the second album “Lift me out” is ready to be shown for the world.

The music of BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA is described as melodic pop/rock or “emotional documentary pop” with a sound mixture of COLDPLAY, U2 Peter Gabriel, Muse & Mew. The lyrics are often selfpercieved stories taken direct from life.

BRIGHT MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA is a bright shining star on the music scene. The music melody machine!!!


01. Lift Me Out

02. Show Me Your Wings

03. Stone

04. Nelson

05. White As Pearls

06. 52 Days

07. Would It Be Easier

08. Cause I Matter To You

09. Close To Lose It All

10. Nowhereland

11. See What We Have Done


Anton Ericsson – Vocals and guitars

Andreas Ericsson – Guitars

Thomas Engvall – Bass

Ida Svensson – Piano, Organs

Thorbjön Bergkwist – Drums and percussion



VINDER – “Vertigo” released on 28 January 2010

In 2001, drummer Ralf Schulz (Ex-TYRAN’ PACE, Ex-SINNER) and bassman Thomas „Huyz“ Mössinger (Just Priest) met in studio with a bunch of song-ideas, which appeared from a time, when both together rocked in a band called „BUSTER“.

The seek for a fittin’ guitarist was on top of the to-do-list, when mother fortune came along. They stumbled across Oliver Kaufmann (also a former member of TYRAN’ PACE), who slept totally drunk at the edge of a little bathin’-sea near an open air-festival. Oliver had been a kind of musical-mastermind of TYRAN’ PACE. Easily seein’ that not so much had changed in the passed years, the three guys decided to found a band, which will take it’s place in metal heaven under the name VINDER.

They released their first album „VISIONS OF TIME“ in 2005. After that, Dirk Schäffner (ex- THE ARMADA) got into the band as the new lead vocalist. To use Dirks lyrical- and voice-potential right, new songs were written, for him to enclose his ability and to give the band a new face. Songs morphed to a story and the story became a concept album, called „VERTIGO“.

Presented with a by-packed comic, drawn by enormous talented ANJA UHREN, „VERTIGO“ will tell this dark story by creatin’ moods and emotions, visually, acoustical and lyrical. Something never seen in German metal scene before this way….











CD will include a comic book!!!

SAFEMODE – “For A Better Tomorrow”

SAFEMODE started in the spring of 2007. At first, they struggled to find their own sound.

Their music went from being just melodic rock, to a more aggressive style. Started to do shows, mostly local but even in other cities in Sweden and their sound and musical skills continued to evolve.

At the end of 2008 they went into the studio to record an Ep with the help of Marcus Dahlström, the drummer of Blindside.

In 2009 they won one of the biggest band competition ROCKKARUSLLEN in Sweden. With over 600 bands SAFEMODE reached 1st place. After that they went out on the roads and tour in Sweden for 3month and then did a tour in Germany.

2010 became a year of write and record the album. 2010/2011 A release tour came up and they have now some upcoming tours outside Europe/ South America in the beginning of next year.

The future looks bright for SAFEMODE, winners of the biggest Rockband competition ROCK KARUSELLEN in Sweden in 2009.


01. In Reverse

02. I’ll Show You The Exit

03. As We Fall, We Will Rise Again

04. Charitable Deeds

05. Guide Me Right

06. Don’t Take It To Heart

07. Hide Behind Words

08. In Need Of Answers

09. A Little Cry For Help

10. There Is Hope


Tjet Pipars– Vocals

Juuso Savolainen – Guitar

Robin Ahnlund – Guitar

Sebastian Sander – Bass

Joahnnes Karlsson – Drums


bob K’s “Fragile” out on 21 January 2011

bob K plays its melodic arena rock with much emotional energy, and offers a grandiose sound with dynamic arrangements accompanied by new thinking variations on the Scandinavian rock tradition.

bob K in its long journey has included everything from small club gigs for 40 people to arena concerts with 10 000 festival participants in the audience. Since the start in 2000, bob K approaches 100 concerts around Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Here, the band really has found its audience. The studio productions have been given both honours in magazine reviews, and played on radio in these countries. In 2002 bob K won a talent contest for bands, that led to the first single Keeper Of My Soul.

Shortly afterwards bob K got signed to record- label Eckworks, that released the selftitled album bob K and two singles, Believe and You Make Me Sing. In 2008 the band released the single Save Me on their own label. From that point the musical direction changed from the previously pretty slick sound, towards a more emotionally driven and atmospheric rock. Something that emerged as new members joined the band and come up with interesting musical influences.

After another single release, Morningstar, and ten years as a band, bob K now releases the second album called Fragile worldwide in 2010. A major production where the magnificent and atmospheric face emotive vocals, beautiful string arrangements and honest lyrics. A 12 tracks parade which together makes a journey through life as a fragile human being.

Bob K is Swedsish melodic bombastic melodic arena rock in the finest possible way!


01. Morningstar

02. Save Me

03. High Horses (segue)

04. Coma

05. Embrace

06. Stalker

07. Falling

08. Crash And Break

09. RWD

10. It’s Time To Go

11. Broken Dreams

12. Heaven



Peter Dalhoff – lead vocals, keyboards

Lorens Palmgren – synthesizers, vocals

Jonatan Samuelsson – guitar, vocals

Tjet Pipars – bass, vocals

Adam Börjesson – drums, vocals

Fredrik Nelson – guitars, vocals


DrawCard’s album Modern Rivalry out on Nightmare Records

Having much success in Australia, they’ve also had a taste of it in the States as well; with songs featured on MTV’s Real World-Road Rules Challenge, FuelTV (Fox Sports) and on Skratch Magazine’s Warped Tour compilation.

They will also appear on Poison Tree Records’ compilation “Awaken” alongside various international rock bands. On the road, DrawCard has paired up with Parkway Drive, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Thursday and Senses Fail.

The band’s never-give-up attitude is paying off, as heard in their highly anticipated release “Modern Rivalry”. This debut album was mixed in Weed, California by industry veteran Sylvia Massy for LOUD SCIENCE, whose credits include working with Tool and producing many popular artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, COG, Sevendust and Powerman 5000.

Reduceri de sarbatori de la Voices of Silence

Cu ocazia sarbatorilor de iarna primiti din partea Voices Of Silence o superoferta de CD-uri “Voices Of Silence – The Human Saga” si tricouri la un pret promotional de numai 15 lei/1 CD sau 1 tricou.
Doritorii ne pot contacta la adresa;
Va multumim si va uram un sfarsit de an fericit!