AVIAN – From The Depths Of Time (special edition) 2010 reissue Via Blinding Force Recordings

In 2005, AVIAN released their debut album, From The Depths of Time to both fan and critical acclaim. The lineup featured vocalist Lance King known for his work with PYRAMAZE and BALANCE OF POWER, and a very special guest appearance by legendary bassist David Ellefson of MEGADETH fame who played bass on the album. Additional credits include mastering by Tommy Hansen best known for his work with HELLOWEEN and breathtaking artwork created by Mattias Noren.

From The Depths Of Time has been out of print for a while and is now being reissued with 3 previously unreleased tracks via the band’s new label, Blinding Force Recordings: Sentinel On The Horizon features vocals by Brian Hollenbeck who takes over the reigns from the departed Lance King. Two Sides Collide was previously only available on the Japanese version of the album.

From The Depths Of Time (Special Edition) will be available world wide on October 26, 2010. The total run time is over 68 minutes and contains 16 tracks as well as 16 pages of phenomenal artwork created by Mattias Noren.


01. Through the Past and Into Forever 00:45

02. As the World Burns 05:07

03. Black Masquerade 04:56

04. The Fear 04:19

05. Final Frontier 05:08

06. Across the Millions (Instrumental) 01:13

07. Time and Space Part I: City of Peace 06:03

08. Single Blade of Vengeance 04:43

09. Two Sides Collide (Bonus Track) 03:57

10. Blinding Force 04:52

11. Time Is All We Need 04:49

12. Queen of the Insane 06:05

13. Last Moon (Instrumental) 01:32

14. The Depths of Time 05:06

15. Sentinel On The Horizon (Bonus Track) 04:00

16. As The World Burns (Acoustic Bonus Track) 05:00

More details at Blinding Force Records: blindingforce@comcast.net


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