Halcyon Way’s new album “Building the Towers” launched on November 19 2010

Halcyon Way is a heavy metal band hailing from Atlanta, GA. known for their explosive live shows, instantly infectious melodies, vocal harmonies, and incendiary guitar work, pounding rhythms, and showmanship hearkening back to the glory days of arena rock.

Aurally H.W. combines the heaviness of bands like Slayer, Chimaira, DevilDriver & Testament, with accessible melodies like King’s X, Disturbed, and Queensryche, with technical twists that show their real musicians, you will be pummeled with the punishing riffs while being lovingly caressed by hooks.

Halcyon Way 2008’s debut “A Manifesto for Domination” produced by James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary) was very well received have received in the USA and EUROPE from the underground and some mainstream metal magazines, internet ‘zines and the band has parleyed that into sharing the stage with heavyweight acts such as Helloween, Strapping Young Lad, Symphony X, Kamelot, FOZZY, Death Angel, CAGE, Doro Pesch, and more on both shores including high profile metal festivals in the US ProgPower USA, Rocklahoma, Nightmare Metalfest, Pathfinder Metalfest, and Florida Powerfest.

With their sophomore release “Building The Towers”, Halcyon Way turned to acclaimed German producer Lasse Lammert, who produced, mixed, and mastered the new release; the final product is of astounding quality and features new vocalist Steve Braun (ex-Ashent) and a special guest appearance on several songs by Pamela Moore of Queensryche fame.



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