bob K’s “Fragile” out on 21 January 2011

bob K plays its melodic arena rock with much emotional energy, and offers a grandiose sound with dynamic arrangements accompanied by new thinking variations on the Scandinavian rock tradition.

bob K in its long journey has included everything from small club gigs for 40 people to arena concerts with 10 000 festival participants in the audience. Since the start in 2000, bob K approaches 100 concerts around Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Here, the band really has found its audience. The studio productions have been given both honours in magazine reviews, and played on radio in these countries. In 2002 bob K won a talent contest for bands, that led to the first single Keeper Of My Soul.

Shortly afterwards bob K got signed to record- label Eckworks, that released the selftitled album bob K and two singles, Believe and You Make Me Sing. In 2008 the band released the single Save Me on their own label. From that point the musical direction changed from the previously pretty slick sound, towards a more emotionally driven and atmospheric rock. Something that emerged as new members joined the band and come up with interesting musical influences.

After another single release, Morningstar, and ten years as a band, bob K now releases the second album called Fragile worldwide in 2010. A major production where the magnificent and atmospheric face emotive vocals, beautiful string arrangements and honest lyrics. A 12 tracks parade which together makes a journey through life as a fragile human being.

Bob K is Swedsish melodic bombastic melodic arena rock in the finest possible way!


01. Morningstar

02. Save Me

03. High Horses (segue)

04. Coma

05. Embrace

06. Stalker

07. Falling

08. Crash And Break

09. RWD

10. It’s Time To Go

11. Broken Dreams

12. Heaven



Peter Dalhoff – lead vocals, keyboards

Lorens Palmgren – synthesizers, vocals

Jonatan Samuelsson – guitar, vocals

Tjet Pipars – bass, vocals

Adam Börjesson – drums, vocals

Fredrik Nelson – guitars, vocals



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